Category: Gate of Isis

My Thesis

Like a branch in a torrential current U guided me through the plagues life sent I thought I overcame th’adversity Cause of my virtue, I saw not reality Lord, every time it was your smile that scared Away my foes not my frown. I knew you cared About your aspiring son but my arrogance Born…
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Mother today I ask

Mother today i askFor help in my taskOf growing, that long journeyWhich is filed with everything but “the surely”All is uncertainBut u other pull the curtainOver that which is impureYou help us decide when we aren’t sureProvided You reside in our demureMake my soul fertileLet me fertilise like the NileThe souls around me with your…
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The Mirror

There are some questions without answers Some answers that cut us like spears Some anwers we never asked bring tears. Why do some brothers fall and others rise? Maybe they forget there are eyes That watch them from deep within From which they cannot hide any act or sin Maybe they don’t know their own…
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The day you realise your lies create the illusionThat blinds the pure eyes of your introspectionYou will confront the fear from which they springYour soul will live and your spirit will sing.


I put my two hands in yours “Lord please guide me” help me beach on your shores please take me lovingly like a mother does a child to the world of sin my soul glides Leaving your arms to roam the wild But now I know the truth hides From those that chose to roam…
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A Social Study

Think about why you were bornWas it to be a queen of porn?To know sewage celebrityBecome a public propertyEvery time a kid surfs the netIn the red part of the internetHe sees, you naked, it’s normalHe has his freedom after allThe 11 year old is savouringYour body he’s receivingN’ watching the next show for sureOf…
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(Pacific Palissades – Los Angeles, June 1975) Echouer au bord des mers, échouéPacifique, mer du NordSable ou galetsVers toi, mer, océan, agenouilléVers l’écume blanche qui rouleProfondeur obstinéeEt immense de la houleQui vient en grondant,Qui chuinte sur la plage !Je suis tendu comme une question. Berkeley, California, July 1975 Neither here nor thereBut sleeping withinIs the…
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Profondeur végétale Luxure de lianes enchevêtrées Mystère d’un espace qu’on ne peut franchir. Les arbres sortent de l’eau Les arbres sortent d’un rêve paléolithique. Les camions énormes se courent après Sur l’autre coté de l‘autoroute Je traverse la Louisiane à travers marécages. Marécages aux eaux brunes et fleurs mauves Profondeur verte Profondeur végétale Les arbres…
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Tu es le Grand Pan Tu es l’Attendu Tu es le signe ineffable Tu es l’étrange et l’ailleurs Et tu apportes les saintes paroles de Folie. Je suis le martèlement de Ta musique Je suis par delà Je suis le Graal de la quête Je suis la douleur et le sourire Et j’apporte ce qui…
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Qu’en déviant de la Route je me perds, Je le sais Qu’en lâchant ce seul file je me noie, Je le sais Qu’en perdant le feu qui seul mérite de luire je péris Je le sais O, Les colonnes de flammes vomissent la pestilence des brûlés. Seigneur, Risquer ton nom est un courage qui s’est…
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