The Gate of Isis

My Thesis

Like a branch in a torrential current
U guided me through the plagues life sent
I thought I overcame th’adversity
Cause of my virtue, I saw not reality
Lord, every time it was your smile that scared
Away my foes not my frown. I knew you cared
About your aspiring son but my arrogance
Born out of my unperceived ignorance
Hid the full truth from my conscience
Still You bore my idiocy with such patience.

Watched me smile at myself in the mirror
Satan they say is the greatest seducer
We have one choice and strive to claim it
To bring us to the bottom of his darkest pit
He labours with terrifying intensity
To spread hate n’ infidelity
Deep in our bosom he nurtures the grains
We brought with us into this world these stains
Show on our soul like charcoal on snow
Born with flaws I chose to go or glow

My imperfections bring me my freedom
Thy will be done bring me Your kingdom
My heart sincerely shouts, even though I fell prey
As he whispered trying to mould my soul like clay
And like an incensed beast my arrogance shook
Itself of my yoke and what was a brook
Became a river swollen by monsoon
Rains, bursting its banks its waters soon
Flooded my mental plain, my identity
Was lost as insolence eclipsed reality

In the ego driven dialectic o Lord
Your compassion saved me from the devils cord
Strangling my spirituality
I seek refuge now in humility
The devil’s paws organised religion
Preaching virtue they aroused suspicion
And now the disillusioned are atheists
Having fallen to the spiritual terrorists
Superficiality of other doesn’t let them know
That an inch bellow they feel pain and sorrow

Looking at the world through Chanel glasses
They slight their brethren and will return to ashes
On judgement day, they will be thrown on the path
Chosen through their life come the aftermath
in shame they will ask was this worth the strife
I bear now for my sins in the afterlife
Lord I bow to thee, author of my destiny
Courage, wisdom and humility
I pray to be such that you will always love me

The Aspiring Scribe