The Gate of Isis

On Her Majestic Mount

On her majestic mount clad in white She rides silently

The wind brushing Her black hair and the sea respectfully

Climbing the beach to gently bath Her golden feet

Only the paws of Her mount are to be heard as they meet

The waters of the ocean as he nobly walks forth at Her behest

In Her hand She holds a shining gem thus it is much blessed

So beautiful it is indeed and Mothers gaze is upon Her earth.

But Her children are lost, and there is much pain so She takes her birth.

Amidst the waste of our society She wades

Some humbly offer Her flowers others blades

And yet nonchalantly She continues Her quest

In our heart She places Her feet but blessed

Are those already who have but touched the sand

That has rubbed Her feet as She walks this desert land.

Her compassionate gaze enlightens our souls with a vision

That makes miserable slaves into kings with a mission

Her glowing face adorns lampposts and walls

She stands Herself for hours giving speeches in halls

Explaining the secrets of the magic inside

She invites seekers to come where the gods reside

With patience She smiles and with love she ails

The wounds of the sick who come on stage to tell their tales.

She listens with interest comforting healing

Even though that child next day might be leaving

And how brave She is for only She knows the tragedy

Of the seeker that hears Her words but sees not the fallacy

Of kaly yuga’s reality, She has come for u and I

It is plain to see from the love in Her eye

There is a part of us that She only knows

She has come to bring us our Spirit that glows.

The Aspiring Scribe