The Mirror

The Mirror

There are some questions without answers

Some answers that cut us like spears

Some anwers we never asked bring tears.

Why do some brothers fall and others rise?

Maybe they forget there are eyes

That watch them from deep within

From which they cannot hide any act or sin

Maybe they don’t know their own value

Or they might have forgotten what they knew

Once in the waters of thoughtless awareness

Why are some cursed and others that God will bless

We ask ourselves what did he do what shold I?

But there is one reality you cannot deny!

You have a gun and that is your liberty

Two options that is your responsibility

Whether you decide to pull the trigger

Or in your freedom lower your finger

The only life you take is yours

Life is a game with many traps and doors

A wrong turn and before you know

You have no rope left and its time to go

Forget satan without you he is nothing

Only in you does he become something

But face your reflection, ask yourself why

Does he still have power over you and I?

Don’t tell me hes the greatest seducer

that is no response to the question you can answer

Verily the truth lies in the mirror

That reflects when you look at your interior

Hush there is no need to as a question

For every answer lies in that reflection.

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