The Gate of Isis

A Social Study

Think about why you were born
Was it to be a queen of porn?
To know sewage celebrity
Become a public property
Every time a kid surfs the net
In the red part of the internet
He sees, you naked, it’s normal
He has his freedom after all
The 11 year old is savouring
Your body he’s receiving
N’ watching the next show for sure
Of sex fun films to ensure
Pleasure which is guaranteed
By mixing porn and weed
But cyber lust is not for good
And soon there’ll be a change in mood
You’ve heated up their desires
Turned on their savage fires
Thanks for showing all your stuff
But the story becomes rough
For one night in a parking lot
You’ll be treated like a sloth
Will you like being duck taped
As someone films the other rape
While remaining anonymous
But hell you become famous
As you ‘star’ in another video
But u weren’t paid to be the hoe
But still u show and shine bright
Keeping those boys up all night
They lust for your love in their life!
But would they want you as a wife??
In your bones there’s an outcry
But for now you chose to deny
Tomorrow you’re showing your breast
To the priest to whom you confess
The poor guy is such a mess
He will try make penitence
But cannot escape his sentence
On your hotmail you get an email
Playboy wants a sexy female
So you appear on front covers
Sex-starved boys now your lovers

Silicone valley isn’t what u think
It lies behind your bra, which is pink
And there u stash your money
I’m sure you think its real funny
The way men love your plastic
Then say you’re fantastic!
You’ve made a splendid career
But how long will the flash call you dear?

…A new Venus is younger and more daring
No more lights glaring, no men staring
As you undress the camera turns away
And you wonder what to do today…

The Aspiring Scribe with the Mentor…