The Navratri Basilica of Names: PART-II

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“So now, O Sons of the Thought, listen to Me, to the Speech of the Mother of your mercy, for you have become worthy of the mystery hidden from the beginning of the Aeons, so that you might receive it. And the consummation of this particular Aeon and of the evil life has approached and there dawns the beginning of the Aeon to come which has no change forever.”

The Trimorphic Protonnoia


Sons and daughters of the thought,

Listen to the Trimorphic Protonnoia as she reveals the ancient secret to those who received the code for the unlocking mechanism that opens  the stream of nectar.  May the flow be released.

The Basilica of Names has been built in the holy month of the Goddess, in the midst and hues of Octobre 2005, in the highlands of Africa.  It was written in that fateful year 2005 as the earth shivers, the storms rise, the wind roars, the fires rage, the blinds are scattered and the seers read in the sky the signs of the great gathering of the birds of prey.

When the sky turns dark, the innocent lose their livelihood, the fighters lose faith and the seekers lose sight of their goal, then the gates of the Basilica of Names open to grant protection.

Amen thus pleads the dweller in the Pond.

The few and the blessed, the saints and the knights, Sant Kabir and Galahad the Pure sought the cup of Sangreal and it can now reveal itself behind the closed eyes of the just,

Come and gather for the great feast of the Lord and drink from the source of sacredness, from the cup of bliss that is held in Her hand of blessings.

Amen.  Behold the great glory that is coming.  None that shall drink from the cup of the Holy Grail shall any longer ignore the names of the Goddess, the true giver of boons and benediction.