The Navratri Basilica of Names: PART-I

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Many tourists and a few pilgrims visit the splendid basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.  They admire the lofty perspectives, rich ornamentation and the marmoreal quality of its silence.  Few however, if any, would know that this is a place that was visited by the Power, a fact that remains one of the late twentieth century’s charming secrets.

And now fewer may enter in this Navratri Basilica of Names and rightly so.  This is not a place the average web surfer would choose to enter. Of course if a curious traveler enters nevertheless, he/she is be welcome. However the names are not likely to speak to those who have not passed the seventh level of initiation. The occasional visitor may get the indications, perhaps, but not the flavor. 

And it is the flavor that counts. The flavor.