The Katmandu letters are enlightening extracts of information and advice She shared in private correspondence.

New letters

10 May 1976

2, Parklands, Ice House Wood, OXTED Surrey

Human beings take for granted all the miraculous divine happenings. This is part of Maya for I do not want all of you to get startled and shocked. The veil has to be lifted in such a smooth movement that you should not loose even a ripple of Joy that is beaming through the drama of your ascent.

Perhaps you were short sighted about yourself. You did not know your capabilities and hence you were struggling. This made the simple thing so complicated and difficult. Just think about it. After all, what sins can overcome the Divine Love? What human foolishness of destruction can bring forth the destruction of the Creation or its Creator that resides within you?

So arise and awake yourself to the great advent of Satya Yuga. All your fatigue and impatience would disappear if you feel the morning breeze of blossoming bliss of God Almighty.

yours most loving mother, Nirmala

May 1977
2, Parklands, Ice House Wood, OXTED Surrey
You can cure human beings but cannot force them to accept me which it seems is the only condition that deities are not asking to compromise with. If it is not done by human beings sahaja yoga has to fail and we have to accept the verdict of the “Pralayankara”, the destroying aspect of God (Sadashiva).
Jimmy Carther is talking about human right but does he know that human beings have crtain duties towards themselves? Does he realize that they have no right to spoil their Moladhara and the Sushumna by their egoistical freedom? Does he understand that Americans are under another kind of captivity? It is your task to write in your book very clearly that they cannot proclaim anything about right and wrong when their own instruments are rotten.

yours most loving mother, Nirmala

London, 8th November 1975
We celebrated Diwali with yagnya of Vishnu’s 1000 names. I have done it first time in all my lives.  I was very good at Sanskrit difficult words to my great surprise.  This will do lot of good to this country and the world at large. It will expedite the evolutionary process by blasting many age old adhramas of western life.

I wish I could meet your mother.  You may write to her that the source of joy is from within and not from without. No one can give you that so why worry about your surroundings? If you awaken and arise, you may illumine the darkness around you and give others the joy of your Being.

Bombay, 20th March 1976
First a pattern of the path is created by the first seeker, is to be made with greatest care and love and once all the map is ready you know which is the shortest way. This knowledge then becomes the part of the unconscious, which helps much faster…. The unconscious plays the role of registration of all the findings of the conscious being and enacts according to the findings of sahaja yogis as well as Adi Shakti.

London, 6th September 1976
The environment plays a big role in the reaction of a person.  The sensitivity of the charkas becomes dull after the first few shocks to them. Then a human being starts living with all the shocking habits very easily.  He exists, but in a very superficial manner and does not want to go down into his depth as he cannot face the shocks that are stored within. He tries to forget them as that helps him to exist.

You have been worried about others. To the extent that you want their emancipation I am willing to agree. But this is only possible if you can see the purpose of emancipation.  The purpose is to introduce to their awareness the kingdom of God, His laws and His glory.  The responsibility of every individual as an instrument is to accept Him in his full freedom.  The object of sahaja yoga is complete liberation hence nothing can be done arbitrarily by Adi Shakti. The only thing I can do is to lead you and guide you to awaken your divinity in full freedom.

A cat has to change seven places to save her children.

London, 22nd September 1976
Those who are real seekers of truth do not give up their seeking by their frustrating finding of untruth.

There are plastic flowers.  That does not mean there are no real flowers. The religions manifested as real flowers on the tree of religion but people removed the flowers from the tree and made them dead flowers, as their own property. Once you know the reality, you can know all the incarnations of divine manifestation and their functions.

To know the reality you have to be born again. You have to know the unconscious. Your attention has to jump in the unconscious. I the human state you cannot know the unconscious, hence it should not be discarded but should be accepted as unknown.

When you jump into your unconscious, as you have seen, you become collectively conscious.  You “become” but not that you think or feel but you are endowed with awareness. That knows about the other people’s kundalini and charkas on your fingers, spontaneously.  From you heart, like a mild electric current, the Divine power (shakti) starts flowing. They are the divine vibrations (chaitanya lahari)

London, 12th October 1976
It is very true that some human beings in the prehistoric times were very wise and dynamic. May be they were realized but such people, in ancient civilization, must have been very much accepted as higher people.  Other wise how can you account for building a pyramid in Egypt, which is, from inside, all vibrated. (The human brain is also a “pyramid like” but not yet perfected. The proportions of Pyramid are Divine. (This is all supported by a scientist in his book on “the super nature” where he found that dead bodies do not decay). There are many such instances.  Specially artists who were of higher awareness (realized souls) were accepted and that is how the Tajmahal works (the dome gives resonance and there are lots of vibrations as the dome has a special shape. So these are no more make believes.  They are all beyond the conception of even modern men.  The reason for this acceptance comes from the fact that human beings at large, at that time, accepted virtue (the expression of Dharma) for the pattern of their life.  They did not get “liberation” from virtue, socially or politically. Dharma was accepted as something to adhere to.

There must be clear-cut ideas as to the formal religions appropriated by people who “talk about God”.  They are not realized and those who are realized also are not fully aware of themselves. The talk about God leads to the rationalization of formal religions.  The mythical organized religions have befooled human beings to such an extent that it looks like a joke, which has turned into a cold-blooded murder.  I do not know whether to laugh or to be angry or to weep with anguish.
This is how I describe Dharma in short.  Dharma is the sustenance of all things that are born or created. It is super nature that gives valences to atoms in an element. It is Dharma that is expressed as the quality of these elements.  For instance, gold has a quality that it is untarnishable.  The human beings are like perfected instruments, like computers.  Of course, if their Dharma is in balance, they are the best receptors. You can understand that the divine awareness is like the main electrical current which starts the computer (Self-realization).  If the Dharma in the instrument is lacking, self-realization does not give full results. It becomes like a second hand car.  Dharma is the fulcrum and the one who is in Dharma never gets into imbalance.  So the attention has to be on “ Dharma”, the point where the gravity of sin does not act.

The information of Dharma comes from the Unconscious but the movement from the fulcrum can take the human attention so much in one dimension or so much like a sea saw  that ultimately the beam of life tilts towards one side, either towards hell or towards destruction. Because, if the extreme movements are like a sea saw, the delicate flower of human awareness becomes confused and people suffer from all kind of diseases.

So what must we do?

The human beings have to come to the state of Gautama who became the Buddha. He searched in all earnestness and honesty. He gave up first all fake worldly preoccupations.  This is not required but when he gave up all hopes of searching,(the occupation of the mind) , he accepted his defeat. He felt tired and fell at the feet of the Holy Ghost.

Buddha had dharma. His body was clean, His mind the attention, did not find any joy in the worldly greed or desire.  His cup was ready and it emptied when he was tired and surrendered and that was the moment: like torrential rain, the “Shakti” filled His cup and made Him the “Shakta”, the Enlightened One. So, when you are talking of virtue, you are warning them to keep the cup intact and clean.
Sahaja yoga is the proof of all the scriptures that are challenged.  But I had to come to explain, to give realization and to tell you the “know how”.

In science first a hypothesis is propounded and then experimented. If we get the results, it becomes the scientific law. In the same way, so far, religions or ideas of God was a hypothesis but  how this hypothesis becomes the law through sahaja yoga is to be seen.

Sahaja yoga is more concerned with the Mahalakshmi Power –evolutionary power- which also integrates all the three powers at the point beyond the brahmarandra (top of the head). With this integration, the sahaja yoga discovery proves that the human being is a perfected instrument, a computer built in various period which, when put to the mains, starts giving information.

It proves that all religions are living flowers on the tree of life and they describe the Truth. All Incarnations are “ true”. All this can be proven at the time of Kundalini awakening.

It creates a human awareness, which can have a dialogue with the Unconscious. 
Bombay, 29th January 1977
The other argument that I gave in my book is about a doctor who thought that the second birth is possible only through sex and I told him that: “you were born because of your parent and not by your own activity. To say that, when you love fully you must have sex that means you love someone for sex and that without it your love is not expressed. The absolute value of love is thus challenged. Also, how can you have sex with all the people all the time?  It is not possible.  Then how can you love the people “fully” all the time?,,,it  so foolish and absurd that I cannot argue on such empty grounds.

London, 27th April 1977
As sometimes, we, in our memory, relive some beautiful moments of our past and feel the same joy, in the same manner, every idea of a realized soul can be materialized (sakar).  We do it unconsciously many a times when we paint an unknown picture.  We imagine and enjoy our imagination and then recreate and enjoy more.  But a sahaja yogi can weave a beautiful pattern of joy by suggesting joyful, beautiful ideas to oneself.

London 12th May 1977
India has now won back its democracy and the leaders are talking of Gandhiji. That is a very big step forwards towards the new style of government. Gandhiji believed in LOVE of God. He believed in Dharma.  He believed in integration.

London 2nd September 1977
The Kundalini is like a rope with many threads.  She rises by unfolding her coils piercing every chakra.  The width of the Kundalini or the number of threads start diminishing as She ascends if the higher chakras are not open or if the piercing points in the charkas are constricted. If the lower charkas are open the Kundalini rises as a whole, but if the higher charkas are not open then the constriction does allow few threads to pass.  So it is very necessary to have at least the lower charkas cleansed. In the western mind the higher charkas are better but as their Moladhara chakra is in jeopardy, the force is very weak and their own sensitivity very poor.
When the kundalini rises without any hurdles, it reaches the Agnya and spreads on the lower brain plate like a cloud, so a heaviness or sleepy feeling crawls.  I say that first the mother puts you to sleep.  The second feeling is when the vital force of Kundalini melts down over the Ida and Pingala.  As if the cloud of the vital force starts pouring bliss.  Gradually the head feels as if the lead is being taken off.  One feels relaxed.  Now again these two channels carry it down up to nabhi and now a new force from Kundalini joins it. …Then the triple force rises which opens the agnya.  At this time eyes get closed. . The pupils start dilating.

Now the head gets clearer but some feel a mild pressure or throbbing at sahasrara.  The agnya crossing creates the thoughtless awareness.  You feel the silence of sahasrara.  At sahasrara the Kundalini accumulates.  A kind of release starts as the Brahmarandra (fontanel bone) opens.  It works slowly with some, but with most of them it is with a gush.  At that moment, the sadhaka (disciple) feels the cool breeze of the vibrations.  This is “realization”.  There are many who have got jagruti (awakening) and have got the curing power but they cannot remain in thoughtless awareness.  They touch it for a minute or so.  But the process of Kundalini oozing out works out with time and ultimately they reach a stage of doubtless awareness. 

With some like X it was a quick permanent ascent, he felt as if two bath of ice fell on his hands and started melting.  The cooling crawled into his Being. If the Visshuddhi is doubtful or stretched and constricted, then, one does not feel the vibrations despite realization, meaning the piercing of the Brahmarandra.

The collective consciousness is felt even before the Kundalini pierces the Brahmarandra fully.  You start feeling the burning on the fingers and also the discriminating styles of collective consciousness are manifested.

London, 16th October 1977
I laugh aloud at the idea of writing a book! God saves the reader!

Great news for all the sahaja yogis.  The first public lecture is on the 24th of this month at Caxton Hall. We have advertised and have invited many people. Let us see how it fares.

The way you plunged into dangers, you have really hurt yourself too much.  The other sahaja yogis in London are also of the same type. I have to work very hard I know.