The Book of the Days

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Worshipped in an unknown and secret place

Corresponding to the first level of initiation
Muladharambujarudha She is mounted on the four petalled lotus of the Muladhara Padma
Muladharaika-nilaya She dwells in the muladhara as kundalini
Mulaprakrtih The original nature
Mula-mantratmika She is the source of the Vedas and of all the Mantras
Pratishta The basis and foundation of all
Supratishta Well founded.  In that everything is based.
Dhara Supports all. Or She is Prithvi, the earth
Sarvadhara The basis of all
Jagatikanda The root of the universe
Gauri Golden hued
Uma Who attained Shiva by Her penance
Ganamba Mother of Ganesha
Kumara-gana-nathamba Mother of Karttikeya and Ganesha
Kundalini She is coiled like a serpent
Kulangana She is to be worshipped as the chaste wife
Guhya-rupini Secret form, hidden beyond the senses
Guhamba The Mother o Karttikeya, or who dwells in the cavity
Sadhvi Chaste lady
Hrimati Modest
Lajja Shyness of modesty
Sadhvi   A lady of pure character
Kalyani Auspicious
Sarva-Mangala The source of all good and auspiciousness
Shubhakari The beneficent
Varada Giver of boons, even to the trimurtis
Vimala Pure, clear, untouched by impurities
Anagha Untouched by sin, sorrow or any action
Akanta She is the end of all sins
Papanashini She destroys sin
Pavanakritih Sacred and purest form which washes out all sins
Maha-Pataka-Nashini Destroys the greatest sins
Paparanya-davanala The forest fire that burns out sins
Kal-kalmasha-nashini Destroys the sins perpetrated in this Kali age
Sarvapadvinivarini Removes all calamities
Duracharasamini Dispels the consequences of the unrighteous deeds of the truly repentant and the faithful.
Dusta-Dura Unattainable by the unrighteous
Durlaba Hard to attain
Guhyakaradhya Worshipped in an unknown and secret place
Dvija-Vrnda-nishevita Propitiated by the twice born
Tustih Pleasure, happiness
Mahi Earth, mother of all life and food
Trikonanantara-Dipika The light inside the triangle
Abrahama-Kita-Janani Mother of all life forms
Rakshakari SaviorA
Tamopaha Remover of ignorance
Abala-gopa-vidita Known even to ignorant ones like children or cowherds