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All energies that are Her creations

Corresponding to the second level of initiation
Swadhistanambja-gata Resides in the six petalled Swadhistana Chakra
Vahni-Mandala-Vashini Resides in the region of fire
Panca-koshantara-sthita Resides inside the five sheaths
Saraswati Her form which dispels confusion
Vidhatri Wife of Brahma
Brahmani Indwelling power of reality
Brahma-janani The knower of  the All
Chaturvaktra-manohara Bewitching with four faces
Brahmagrantih-vibhedini She cuts the knot of Brahma
Savitri The power of the creator
Garvita Proud as the creatrix of the universe
Prasavitri The entire creation emanates from Her
Gayatri Who protects the singer
Krodha-Samani Destroys anger of the devotee
Chidagni-kunda-sambuta  Born from the pit of the fire of consciousness
Chinmayi Of the nature of consciousness
Chitkala hat part in every beings which represents consciousness. She resides in the minds as the power of knowledge
Chitshakti he power of consciousness
Bhavanagamya ealized by concentrated attention
Shastramayi the content of all shastras (Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas)
Vidrumabha She is the tree of knowledge
Vidya Knowledge that leads to liberation
Vedya-Varjita There is nothing for Her to be known, because She is both the Knower and the Known
Sadachara-Pravartika Destroyer of all the non believers
Sarva-Tantrarupa The form of all tantras
Maha-Tantra The greatest Tantra (technique) greater than the 64 tantras corresponding to the 64 koshas (envelopes) of the human body.
Vaikari-Rupa The full manifested form of Vak or speech
Paramanuh The ultimate atom , too minute to be comprehended.
Jada-shakti all energies that are Her creations
Kavya-kala She is the source of all literary inspiration and art
Kavyalapa-vinodini Enjoys literary discourses
Ganalolupa Completely lost in music
Pita-varna Yellow colored
Bhava-chakra-pravartini the prime mover of the cycle of births and death
Bhava-rogaghni Cures the diseases of samsara or the cycle of birth and death
Kamakelitarangita She is the succcession of the waves of play of which constitute the universe
Sarvantaryamini The indwelling spirit or power in everything, which produces action.