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Presiding deity of the sacred waters

Corresponding to the third level of initiation
Manipuranta-rudita She appears in the manipura of the devotee to establish the unreality of his wakeful state
Aprameya Born in waters or none to measure Her
Pushkara Presiding deity of the sacred waters
Dharma-Vardini Who promotes righteous conduct
Dharmadhara She supports the code of right conduct
Sisteshta Worshipped by those with right conduct
Smrtih Code of conduct
Niyantri Who lays down the laws and rules
Shastra-sara The essential power behind all scriptures to instruct men about their conduct
Goptri Protects the universe as its law
Varnashrama-Vidhayini Law-giver of structures and orders of life
Tatttvasana Sated on the categories or creatrix of all principles
Punyapunya-phalaprada iver of the results of all actions, righteous or inful. She is the inexorable law of karma.
Visnu-grantih-vibhedini She cuts the knot of Vishnu
Bhagyabhdi-Candrika She makes the sea of good fortune swell just as a moon makes the ocean go into high tide
Dhanadhyaksha Presides over wealth and worshipped by Kubera
Vasuda Giver of wealth
Annada Giver of food
Dhana-dhyana-vivardhini  Promotes wealth and food
Pustih Nourishment
Paramodara Of supreme generosity
Punnya-labhya Attained by the meritorious or righteous.  She is worshipped as a result of good actions in previous births.
Kama-Dhuk The wish fulfilling celestial cow
Shambu-Mohini Bewitches even Shambhu (Shiva) who is well known for his self control, such is Her beauty or power as Maha-Maya.
Gurupriya Fond of the guru
Gurumurthi Of the form of the guru
Sanakadi-samaradhya She appears as guru to the seeker because She is the source of all knowledge.
Shantimati tranquil towards Her devotees
Shanti Peace
Samatmika Peace  is Her essence.  Devotees with their mind at peace are Her abode.
Karanguli-nakhotpanna-narayana-dashakrtih the ten avatars of Vishnu emerge from the finger nails of her hands
Mukunda Also a name of Vishnu, the giver of liberation