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Her heart overflows with compassion

Corresponding to the fourth level of initiation
Jalandhara-sthita Situated in the anahata chakra
Hrdaya Delightful, residing in the heart
Daharakasarupini Of the form of and residing within the cavity of the lotus of the heart
Parvati The daughter of Himavat Parvata
Shailendra-Tanaya Daughter of the king of mountains
Shrimat-Simhasanesshwari The queen seated on a throne mounted on lions
Charuhasa With a beautiful smile
Anavadyangi From head to foot She is faultlessly beautiful
Maha-lavanya-sevadhi Great ocean of beauty
Shambavi Queen of Shambu, that is Shiva
Svadhina-vallabha Her lord (Shiva) is within Her power and it is only by Her grace that one can approach Her lord.
Shiva-shaktaikya-swarupini Whose form is the union of Shiva and Shakti representing the ultimate yoga
Shiva-jnana-pradayini Who confers the knowledge of Shiva, the Ultimate
Bhedanashini Destroys all distinctions including between Shakti and Shiva
Bhavani Power of Shiva in enjoyment
Durga Power of Shiva in battle
Kalika Power of Shiva in anger
Chandika Angry with evil forces
Pracanda Angry, fearful.  For fear of Her the wind blows
Rakshasagni Slayer of evil forces
Sarvayudha-dhara Possesses all weapons
Suladhyayudha-sampanna Equipped with the trident and other weapons
Bhratsena Having huge armies or energies
Daitya-hantri Slayer of asuras and destroyer of evil
Samharini Destroyer of the entire universe
Rakta-varna Crimson
Rudra-grantih-vibhedini Se cuts the knot of Rudra
Amba The mother of the three gunas
Ambika Same
Lalitambika The Mother whose sport transcends the universe
Ayi Mother
Lakiyamba-swarupini She is of the form of Mother
Vira-mata Mother of devotees who are brave and competent
Viraradhya Worshipped by the brave and the valiant
Dhira-samarchita Worshipped by the wise and the brave
Bhagavati Worshipped by all
Pujya Worshipful
Mangalakrtih Whose form is beneficient
Duhkhahantri Destroys sorrow
Bhayapaha Dispels fear
Premarupa Of the form of bhakti or divine love
Sandra-Karuna Intensely compassionate to devotees
Nitya-klinna Her heart overflows with compassion
Bhadra-priya She loves to be benevolent
Bhakti-priya Fond of devotees
Bhakti-gamya She is realized by devotion
Bhakti-vasya Bhakti that confers the grasp of the ultimate reality
Bhakta-nidhih Treasure house of the devotees who can always draw on Her kindness
Bhaktimat-Kalpa-Latika She fulfills all the devotees’ wishes like the kalpa tree
Vancitartha-Pradayini Bestows the objects of worship on Her devotees
Raga-svarupa-pasadhya She possesses in Her right upper hand the noose representing Her love towards Her devotee
Suvansinyarcana-prita She is pleased with the devotees respecting married women as Her forms
Vandaru-Jana-Vatsala Loves Her devotees as Her children
Dayamurthi Embodiement of compassion towards Her devotees
Pranada The giver of life or the five life breaths
Praneshwari Ruler of the breath of life or life force
Atmavidya Knowledge of the Self (linked to the mantra “Aham”)
Sva-prakasha Luminous or effulgence of Self knowledge
Martanda-bhairavaradhya Worshipped by the luminous Bhairava