The gardener

The gardener

You fall form the sky a rain drop of mercy

Bringing life to the desert traveller who is thirsty

Your eyes follow the pilgrims on their journey

They are your children seeds thou hast elegantly

Cast into the airs of life, you sent the wind

Carried by this wind here and there we landed

We set foot upon a hard barren land we were stranded

But we did not know it so lost in ignorance

We chose to drink poisoned waters and dance

In drunken induced fevor to the tunes of Lucifer

All the while poisoning the soft bud and forgetting Her

We used our freedom to defy the loving hand

That sent us upon this journey, thinking the land

We dwelt in was heaven, blinded completely

To reality we walked in circles and prayed blindly

Slowly the sprout to be weakened

And the pure desire to germinate lessened

Slowly some seeds heard a calling form within

A battle was being fought they wanted to win

A subtle energy lay within it had to be woken

They knew not how but prayed that their slumber be broken

She saw them all from the sky some were sincere

As time passed their desire increased as did their fear

Of being forever trapped in existential superficiality

Free to sin, they chose now to search for reality

Enough they had had of avarice, lust and malice

Choosing so they turned a spiritual chalice

Turned it to the blue sky high above

They opened themselves to her tears of love

And now they fell, rain drops of mercy

Bringing life to the seeds who were thirsty

Their spirits caught the water and drank eagerly

One by one they sprouted and she looked at them dearly

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