The Gate of Isis

The day of reckoning

From here i see those who will stand and fight

The enemy and those who will take flight

As the sounds of the battle horns awake

Every soldier from his slumber to break

The rule of the black prince I can see

The few who will rise and those who will flee

Life is theatre and this is the final act

Reflect with whom have you made your pact

For the die have now been cast and your fate

Will come calling…now time has stopped its too late!

Yes, I see you shiver as reality dawns

The devil will use you blood to fill his ponds

You were warned and forgiven but today

You are judged for your acts in this play

You wanted power but now you tremble

As you watch Her army assemble

We will laugh as our deadly arrows fly

And the gods will fall into trance in the sky

As they watch our swords dance and bring death

Yes, on that day they will hold their breath

For the beauty of this battle is a blaze

That rivals any of natures finest displays

Like furious waves or dancing fires

The devil will burn in those funeral pires

Do you see the face of the High Lady

Her light in our weapons?, within me

There’s a power I can barely contain

That I’m about to unleash onto the battle plain

But many that firmly pledged allegiance

Will not rise by our side and their sentence

Shall be to meet us in battle and there

They will be consumed by the force of our glare

I will make battle to every coward

And bring war to spawn of the black Shepard

You thought you knew better, those whispers

Carried you like leaves in flooded rivers

Satan spoke and you were happy to listen

Now I speak “Your blood will glisten

In the light of victory on my blade,

the battle has begun and my decision is made