The Knight

The Knight

Upon his black Stallion,
The Knight rides to his battalion.
The moon’s rays light up the night
Shedding a silvery shimmery light,
Over the plain, the dew drops,
Sprinkled by rain catch, play, stop,
The light, like silver fire flies.
Little sparkles as the Knight rides by,
Some on his horse a couple on his plate,
He gallops forward to meet his fate.

Through a silver plain his horse,
The embodiment of animal force,
Majestic, black, with a white diamond,
Upon his brow, bears his lord through the silver island.
He moves powerfully defying the strain,
Of working with heavy loads in rain,
Snow, or excessive heat, he feels pain rarely,
Those are the times when his mane is caressed carefully,
This ‘beast’s’ love enables, he can,
Do anything, and to him his man,
His lord, is king he brings him to battle,
For his sword to sing and his armour to rattle.
And he who rides this mount knows no fear,
Upon his back, his god guided spear,
In hand, he scoffs through his helm,
At his enemies who threaten his realm.

For his people he will always ride, the moon reflects,
Of his breast plate, god blessed made to deflect,
The sharpest arrows the mightiest blades.
To our knight life comes in shades,
Of all colours, but the one which is most moving,
Is the one that defines the emotion of excusing.

By his side his sword lies in its sheath,
His tool used to send his enemies beneath.
A mighty blade it is indeed and used to uphold,
The truth of his master and untold,
Are his feats of bravery and chivalry,
He fights now a battle for spirituality.
Under the banner of his goddess,
He knows no fear like a lioness.
Fighting for the survival of her cubs,
His revival complete he now loves,
And seeks that which is highest,
And therefore that which is purest,
His sword sharpened he is ready to spearhead the renewal,
The golden age, the darkened age now fades, and with the approval,
Of his lord, his powers are indefinable,
And his love for knowledge unquenchable.

Real satisfaction will come to him,
When he feels he’s absolved of sin,
And his win, when his lord smiles at him.
And with her smile in mind,

He will manage to find,
The higher realization,
God given inebriation.

His sword armor and shield,
Are all gifts of hers, he spells he wields,
With devoted professional skill.
With unwavering faith his words kill,
Evil when it hides invisible,
With her in mind, he is invincible.
When in danger of succumbing his sword,
Fight on its own destroying the hoards,
Of demons that fight with fanatical zeal,
He knows however cynical the deal,
In the real world, he has no rival,
As he paves the way for his lord’s arrival.

By his side lie his children waiting to arise,
And he looks at them, fondly, with loving eyes.
Blessed by his lord he knows they can but rise,
And will in the future bear,
His arms and armor to tear,
At the rest of evils fabric,
Destroying the stagnant and static,
So when the time cometh, together,
They will rise and bind with her forever.
Om twameva sakshat, Shri Durga Mata sakhat,
Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi
Namo Namaha.

The Aspiring Scribe

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