The Jihad of Lucifer

The Jihad of Lucifer

Resentful and crouched somewhere in the space opened by freedom in the collective consciousness, there is this great Beast, which want to be God in the place of God. One must be able to see it before one can laugh at it, may be, because laughing would be the entertainment of victory. But one does not laugh right away because of what comes forth and out from the Beast: the challenge, the luciferian rebellion whose toxicity has penetrated the ego of man.

Lucifer’s revolution dos not care about the plan of God, and even less about conforming to it. Rather, it cares about it to the extent that it wants to prove the plan doomed to fail. Therefore an logically, it will show that hate, for instance, overcomes the kingdom of love; that ugliness can defile beauty; and that consciousness, instead of merging with divinity, can assert itself supreme, in its own separated and rebellious autonomy. The is why Goethe had Mephistopheles explaining in the Faust : “I am the spirit that always negates”.

Childish? Certainly, but the history of civilizations shows that this is still dangerous for us. The egotic sulking of Lucifer and its fake splendor has seduced and destroyed men, their mind, cities and empires. He fell and we must now fall with him at the planetary level. His revolt prefers to say no to life, and for this to summon death. How else to challenge the One who is, who lives, the One who creates?

Behind the verses of Baudelaire and other “cursed poets” whose somber beauty we have loved, the smartness of Satan is to plant this chip in the ego of man so that it might win the bet he made on the destiny of our race. This bet has been exposed in the biblical history of Job that William Blake illustrated. Satan told God that, with the right amount of persuasion and pressure, man will turn away from Him. Lucifer was a mighty angel carrier of light and indeed the chip is located in our supra-conscious area.

So it belongs to us, the hobbits of this vast story, to show that Satan’s bet will fail. By laughing at it if possible, since all this Jihad of Lucifer is nothing but the sulking of a bad looser. Because we are still capable of loving. Yet, and we can see it everyday more clearly, Lucifer’s rebellion has penetrated the collective consciousness of mankind. It permeates all actions that challenge God, His kingdom and justice.

Examples? It sells children and women in brothels, it place bombs in planes and trains, it guns down people sitting at the terrace of a café, it throws the brother against the brother and everyone against its contrary. And, yes, it also releases in the air too much carbon that belonged to the ground but the list is too long and we do not want here to sing his exploits. In a nutshell wherever feasible and whenever possible, it attacks virtue, dharma, which is our own sustenance and the very sustainability of humanity. This is why the loss of personal morality, so much corruption , exploitation and a crazy concentration of wealth in so few hands.

But there is Easter’s glorious news! Christ in the Agnya has expelled this rebellion from the collective consciousness of the twice born. Hence salvation comes through Self-realization. Salvation implies the denial of the denial, the challenge of the challenge and the destruction of the destruction.

In the beginning of the third millennium, the twice born has rebelled against the rebellion and the realm of experimental spirituality has started to fill the vast space of spiritual emptiness that religious fundamentalism intended to fill up with fanatic delusion and hatred. The twice born has rebelled against the rebellion, or, rather, he freed himself and her from its grip. It found the living map of God’s plan and the role to play in His play, the leela .

Let us go about the marvelous adventure of living on this beautiful planet and let Bhairawa-Michael face Lucifer, as described in the Apocalypse, the Book of Revelation of John. This is what will happen when we will allow it to happen. We must call the commander of God’s archangels by casting Lucifer out of our mind. Bhairawa-Michael means the end of Lucifer’s planetary Jihad.

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