Vacuity and Density

Vacuity and Density

Our Master, Shri Nirmala Devi sakshat Shri Satgurumat , used to observe that the forest is silent when the tiger is around. All the other animals are quiet because they know the king is here.

In the silence of thoughtless awareness we experience something similar. First, in that condition, we feel the vacuity; the silence is the absence of thoughts. But when the state is maintained, it deepens. Vacuity is replaced, it becomes at once so immense and real that it turns into density.

Removing the veils of mental agitation reveals there was something beyond it, something that was hidden before. And this density is a presence. Whose presence do we feel? “Aham!” But this presence is not the small “i”. It is the capital “I”. And who is this capital “I”?

By writing the answer I would probably demonstrate that I don’t know.

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