The Gate of Artemis

Chose maryadas or chose chaos

Chose maryadas or chose chaos and, certainly, get what you seek and pick the fruits of your choice. Confucius spoke of the law of heavenly harmony. The entire ecology rests on the principle of maryada ruled by Brahma Shakti. God puts carbon in the earth; we throw it in the air. He creates us man or woman; we want to change this too. The sorcerer apprentice thinks he is the master, like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia. When we restore maryadas to ourselves, Mother Earth will listen and not before. This is also why Shri Mataji saw in Nargol the urgency of the spiritual transformation: it is a make it or break it evolutionary step. But when will they be willing to see the living relationship between personal maryadas (morality) and nature’s maryadas (ecology)? Ethics, ecology, these are the words of men who move in the matrix. But behind is the only reality, the existence of the all pervading power of the Holy Spirit that is One, that rules and binds all in the maryadas of its abounding love.