The Gate of Artemis


Q & A
Do you have any questions?
You are facing a very strong peer pressure to conform with the rest of society, to go out, have a girlfriend, to have sex, laugh back home and… Yeah?
Question – do you think bhoots have a big price to pay?
Bhoots, yes of course, you see, if you study in, for instance, the abbey of a Catholic college, then you have a lot of priests who guide you. Now, these priests, they didn’t have sex. But they were not at the level where it doesn’t matter, because if you were at the level, you are beyond all temptations. But we speak here about the very high level of, I don’t know, Shri Hanuman, who is an Archangel, who was the guru of Shivaji. Such beings are just beyond all that. But if you are just normal human beings, then you know, sex is part of the program. It’s part of the program. It’s like, you know, computers, somewhere there is sex on the program. So, those priests when they die, they hang around with unfulfilled desire. So kids who go to that school, they can catch those bhoots. Because they are vulnerable to this area of interest, being at the age of being teenagers.
I was in a Catholic school. So, you know, it’s amazing, but in the school where I was, and we were teenagers and so on, we were all thinking about girls and that’s it. Not very original, but… And you know, bhoots may have played. Why? Because these bhoots, if they didn’t have sex while in their physical bodies, they want to enter the body of someone after death in order to know the sensation they didn’t know when they were living. So now, if, let’s say, you get possessed by a woman (pointing to a boy), no not you, but someone, then you will end up as someone which is culturally cool and mainstream, that means you will be inclined to be gay. Because you have the bhoot of a woman, and vice versa. A woman can have the bhoot of a man, if she goes too much on the right side. So, basically, now, to be gay is the new frontier of human rights. Before you had Martin Luther King and now you are gay. I mean, when Clinton was elected, there were one million gays walking down in Washington. I wrote a very strong letter to Clinton, and I got an answer by the way.
Someone asks – What did he reply?
Oh, he replied! Yeah the White House staff wrote: “Thank you very much for your letter. We appreciate your concerns, blah blah blah.” So, you know, this is basically what it is. Now, if one million people are wrong, they don’t become right because they are one million. And you may be the one who disagrees with them; the odd one out, and you may be right alone and yet you may still be right. That’s what you need to understand. You know, and you have history backing you up.
Yes, sir?
Question is asked about homosexuality
See, now is the time, when many creatures that once were animals, are incarnated within the human race. That’s why you have many less animals and many more human beings. When we are not very evolved as human beings, in our very early human incarnations, we may swap sex to try the ground for we feel our way into the human race. Then we find our identity, mature and remain in the same sex, as we become more evolved personalities. So basically, militant gays think they are the most advanced version of our race but, in fact, this is a slight misunderstanding: homosexuality is an evolutionary regression.