The Gate of Artemis


And there are a lot of missiles going all over the place and they saturate the whole atmosphere of modernity, by sexually arousing everything, play, jokes, images, songs, advertisement, and hints… Look at MTV… I don’t know why you need to shake your butt in front of the camera in order to sing but unfortunately that’s what happens. I don’t see the relationship but apparently that’s the way they sing. It’s sad but it has really gone far into the collective attention. Now, you see, if you are a warrior and you fall from your horse, or you are wounded, you are not defeated as long as you do not consider yourself defeated. But don’t go out and say: “Come and hit me.” Don’t be hit. You know, I used to be a little brave and foolish. But now I have learnt and I am not trying to make life more difficult for myself. It was hard enough to come to Sahaja Yoga, hard enough, may I say, to stay in Sahaja Yoga. It hasn’t been a picnic because a lot of things need to be worked on inside. I am not on top of creating problems for myself. Yet I look like having an advantage compared to you guys for I have seen the other side of the fence and the hidden face of the moon. Some of you say, “It’s not fair! You did all the naughty things and after that you came to Sahaja Yoga and now you are all right. While I am in Sahaja Yoga so I can not do the naughty things.”
Yes, that’s true, but my answer to that is that, yes, I did the naughty things and I had a price to pay, and the price to pay is that it was much more difficult. While, if you keep your charisma, if you keep your energy level, you can reach a much higher state – if you want. So it’s basically what you want to do with yourself, and understanding what is good for you.