The Gate of Artemis


Ok, now for those of us who have made mistakes after entering Sahaja Yoga. Very frankly I must say that I don’t belong to this category because I met Shri Mataji. And actually, in my early years as a yogi, I had a Danish girlfriend who came to see me in Kathmandu, where I was living for two years. And I said, “You know, I have entered Sahaja Yoga so this is my bedroom and you’ll sleep in the other room.” She was shocked, so she absolutely had to know about Sahaja Yoga because she couldn’t quite figure out what had happened to me. So after that she went to see Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji worked on her. She was from a family where the father had a pornographic library so finally she couldn’t make it in Sahaj and she went to a Tibetan lama. But Mother worked on everybody. Everybody, wherever they came from. I have known girls who had been forced into prostitution, who are now Sahaja Yoginis. They are married and they have children and nobody knows about it. And they are beautiful people. So it doesn’t mean that if you do something wrong, you are automatically condemned. But – do you want to test it? Do you want to go that way?
Don’t do that. Don’t do that. You make life more difficult for yourself. Let’s say a Sahaja Yogi has an experience, that’s wrong according to the Shastras of Sahaj, let’s say he’s sleeping with a woman, while being a yogi. He is not thrown out of Sahaja Yoga because somebody does not throw us out of Sahaja Yoga. I mean, unless Shri Mataji says something to somebody, and usually She says to that person, it’s really from inside that we will recede from Sahaja Yoga because we don’t feel it anymore.
The difficulty there, if we do something stupid, it will simply be that it’s going to be more difficult because of the ink business. It’s going to be more difficult, the more ink you take on your shirt the more difficult it is to wash it off. But you can wash it. But even if you have made a mistake, as long as you don’t get beaten, as long as you desire to be a yogi, you will be all right. Because the power of innocence, which is in you, Shri Mataji says, is more powerful than anything else you can do. Innocence is like the blue sky – you might have the clouds so it looks like it’s gone, but behind it always exists, and the clouds can go away. So always have complete faith that Mother has put in you… that Mother has put in all of us this power of innocence. And that, even if we make mistakes, we can return into that level where we can evolve further.
But, we make it more difficult for ourselves. Because you may say, “Just a kiss, I won’t do more than just kiss this boy.” Just teenager stuff, you know, not much ambition first. All right, the problem with kissing is that, you know, why should you stop there? After all, it’s all about touching; and touching is just the beginning of it. So, if you just have kisses let’s say, some of you might have had the experience. Then what? Ok, you might stop there, but does it help you to keep your attention under control? Does it help you to have your vibrations going clockwise? Not really. So you make it more difficult for you to grow spiritually. That’s the only thing. That’s the only thing, because chastity is your shield.