The Gate of Artemis


So the kids who have parents in Sahaj who say, “Well, you know, ok, well well… in Sahaja Yoga yeah yeah yeah… mummy and daddy, yeah yeah yeah… wait until I have a cool life…” Go for it, have your cool life. We’ll see you in another four thousand years. You’re on the evolutionary loop. I hope you won’t be barking. But we’ll always be fond of you. You can’t take being in Sahaj for granted. If you think that you take Sahaj for granted then, it’s good, because it means you realize that you need to invest a bit. We are in Switzerland. Switzerland is the place of the bankers. (Shri Mataji really doesn’t like the Swiss banks.) There’s one good notion about banking – this is investment. When you invest into something, you get a return. So if you invest into something like your chastity, you are going to have fantastic returns. First of all, your personality will be charismatic because you will emit much more vibrations so you may attract more people, but don’t use your Mooladhara power to seduce, because then you use your Mooladhara power anti-clockwise. (Talking to the girls) Every lady has the power to seduce a man, that’s the ancient truth. It’s very hard for a man to resist a lady. If you use your Mooladhara power to seduce, you bring the man down. But if you use your Mooladhara power clockwise, then you are a Shakti, you give power to those who are around you. And that is why the societies, which are going to be successful, are those societies where the women are chaste. The women more then the men because the men are a bit idiotic you know? I can speak because I know. You see, if a woman is chaste, the man will behave. If a woman is not chaste, it will be difficult for a man to resist, because it’s biology. Use your power. If you use your charisma clockwise, you’ll be a Shakti and you’ll give energy. And if you use it in the sense of seduction, that’s a game of domination. When you seduce, you dominate. You are on top. And then what? Then you destroy. Because you destroy the chastity of somebody.
Now for most people it doesn’t matter, because they don’t matter, much. They’ll have to reincarnate again and again and again until they get to the frontier of that evolutionary channel, the highest stage of evolution. And you are all at the threshold of that stage, but none of you are going to cross that threshold only because daddy is in Sahaj. You are going to cross that threshold because you, whatever your name, you decide to do it. So it’s really up to you. We can’t do a thing about it. We love you. We try to share with you our perception, but you will have to understand these things on your own.