The Gate of Artemis


Ok, so you want to keep sex as a parasympathetic activity. So already it means you need to control your attention. The attention is your sword and do not hurt yourselves with it for you do not know how to handle the sword. Example: all of you guys, you are good at the net right? You have all gone on the internet. So you can see sex on the net can’t you? I’m not asking anyone to say ‘yeah’. You don’t need to. See, the problem with pornography is its capacity to spoil. Actually for things to be realistic, I should have some ink now and throw it on the nice white shirt of this gentleman. And then I would explain that it is easier to put the ink on the shirt than to wash the shirt thereafter. Right? You all are with me? So if you look at pornography, and some of you have seen it without even wanting it because wham! It comes onto your screen. But you see such an image, which is fairly brutal, some of them, and graphic, then you know, bam! You have that ink on your shirt. And then you will need to clear it and it takes more time to clear it. So basically that’s the principle – it’s quite easy to get this into your awareness, more difficult to get it out, and for you to handle this whole dimension, I think the easiest way is: try not to let it come through your shield. You have to realize that, if the attention is the sword, your chastity is your shield. Ok? Your chastity is your shield and… this is warrior’s language, all right? It’s also good for girls, girls are also warriors. Amazons. You have a shield and you have a sword. Your shield is your chastity.
Now, some of you have made mistakes, right? Some of you have done things which you wouldn’t like to say ‘Yes I did it! Yes I did it!’ And some of you have a big left Vishuddhi because of that. The problem of sex is that it is addictive. Some aspect of ex is addictive. What is addiction? Addiction is anything, which takes your freedom away. You see, you can be addicted to work for instance. Sounds crazy, but most of the adults are addicted to work, if they are successful. But then it takes their freedom away. Now sex is a powerful addiction if you let it come into your sympathetic system. If sex is left in the parasympathetic system, you’ll be master of your sexuality, and you’ll enjoy it, which is by far not the case of everybody who is having sex every night of the week. Because the more promiscuous you are, the less you enjoy it. Then you start going into acrobatics because you think normal sex is not enough. So what do you do? The only Indian scripture Westerners read is the Kama Sutra and believe me, it’s very complicated. But why? Because you can’t enjoy the normal thing.