The Gate of Artemis


Ok, now I’m going to talk about sex and then I’m going to ask all the adults to please leave the room. I’m sorry, (turning towards some people) you qualify as adults, sorry.
We have half an hour, if there are questions. Well, sex in Sahaj, what is it? The best definition of sex, which I heard, I heard it from Shri Mataji. And Shri Mataji said that the fire that cooks your food could also burn your house. So the fire is not a bad thing. And we don’t want to move about in the world like people who are repressed and frustrated. And that is not the solution, because usually in the history of mankind, the more repressed you are, the more densely sexual desire is released. Like you see these poor priests. I mean I really feel sorry for them, they become priests to do what, – to find God I suppose? – Otherwise what’s the point? And then they must be celibate if they are Catholic. At least Anglicans have some sense. Then what happens to Catholics priests? They have to be celibate!
But they can’t stand the pressure because sex is a powerful need; it’s a powerful urge. And then, instead of having a wife and enjoying themselves in some sort of healthy manner, than they become pedophiles… You know, what a glorious way of celebrating spirituality! You can’t repress sex. Thus the Rishis of the old ages, the Munis, who were great giants, who were mastering spiritual powers, each had a wife. They had a wife. And there was a good reason why they had a wife.
So, it’s a perversion or a misconception of spirituality that to grow spiritually you should not have sex. On the other hand, sex has nothing to do with growing spiritual. That is also a perversion, which happened in India, which is called Tantrism, where they tried to raise Kundalini by having sex. That cannot work and that actually does enormous damage. So you are at an age where these things do matter. Because it is biology and it’s reality what you face in school. If you look at where are the pressure points of the peer pressure around you, you will find that, if you don’t have a boy friend, or if you don’t have a girl friend, you seem to be slightly … weird, or the assumptions made in your back are not very, are not very charitable let’s say. They can’t possibly understand, especially if you are good looking, and most of you are. Because you are realized souls, and usually realized souls look good. So there is a big pressure on you. And it’s not easy to resist this pressure, especially if you don’t know why you should resist. And why should you resist? What’s the value of chastity?
First of all you should understand why chastity is good for you, because very frankly, you know, there is nothing, which is easier today, than going out with someone, having sex and coming back home. But you see, some people have a lot to lose, more than others. You know, if you have two dogs that make love in a back alley, it’s not going to make the newspapers. And that’s the same for a lot of human beings. But, if as a realized soul, and as a Sahaja Yogi, you make a mistake, the story is different. It’s not the end of the story; you may not be cast out because of that. But you make life more difficult for yourself. This is what you have to understand, and I tell you why. So, for instance, I walk in the streets of Bombay or Bangkok, and I see some Thai, praying to a Ganesha or at a Buddha temple, or I go to Africa and I see some Africans praying to their ancestors. They all pray about something, and you know what that thing is? They all want good luck. They want good luck in their lives! Why do they want good luck? Because many of you have no control of what is going to happen to you. You don’t know how are you going to be successful. You don’t know what sort of job you’re going to end up with. You don’t know what sort of friends. You don’t know what’s going to happen to you. So, good luck is a wish that we have since very long, and it is just a hope that things will work out all right for us. I don’t know anyone here who wouldn’t like to have good luck. If there is anyone who doesn’t want to have good luck, please raise your hand, so I’ll ask why. I think it’s sensible to wish good luck.
Now it so happened, it so happened that in Maharashtra, people worship Shri Ganesha. Why? Because, they think, well actually they don’t think, HE IS the God of innocence. This is what Shri Mataji has taught. Of course, He’s the child and everything, but, for the traditional worshipper, that notion of innocence is not so developed. People in Maharashtra, on the whole, are traditionally dharmic, it’s not that they understand what you may have learnt in Sahaj. But they worship Shri Ganesha because He’s the God who gives good luck. Now, Shri Ganesha, Mother tells us, is the chancellor of the university and of each chakra. So He’s basically going to be the one… if we can manage to please him… who grants access. By trying to worship Shri Ganesha, you are going to be blessed. This is basically the way it is.
Now, you see, what is sex, sex is touch. Basically sex is about touching. If you think about it. Or, plainly said, normally if sex is where it belongs to, it’s in the sexual organs; and this is where Shri Ganesha is, within the Mooladhara chakra. But modernity has brought sex to the Agnya chakra. Modern people took it into the brain. People think about it, people look at it, people read or hear about it, if you listen to some funky rap songs. So what is it? You see, the perversion of this thing is that normally for sex to work out, it’s a parasympathetic activity.
A parasympathetic activity means it’s spontaneous. It means that to enjoy it, it’s something that is not really in your control. It’s not a physical workout. For many people it has become a workout, you know with a performance score. But than – poor things – they get stressed. And when they get stressed, their performance goes down. You know, it’s not the right way of doing it. Maintain sexuality in the area where it will be successful as sexuality! And I think it’s a little bit more complicated for girls than for men. Men are not very complicated. It’s an automatic one, you know, they get it. Women need a bit more landscape around it. So, basically, for sex to work, it has to be a spontaneous activity. But modernity and the pressure of the culture want you to get addicted to sex in the brain.
It pushes you into sex entertainment to divert the attention, so that you don’t face reality and escape an analysis of the present state of society, which is an unjust society, which is an adharmic society, which is a society that is exploited. In such conditions, that society gives you full entertainment, options to escape into sensations, because the ruling class does not want you to change. The rulers of this society that is still adharmic, they don’t want you to start thinking and analyzing why society needs to be changed. They want you to be damnably happy, screwing somewhere and not troubling the system. So you have a 24 hours tremendous promotion of sex as an escape. Today, most people think that love is sex, which is a very reductionist scheme and it’s almost a blasphemy. Sex surely has something to do with love but love has so many more expressions and so many more dimensions that if you reduce love to sex, it is extremely betraying of the reality that love is.