The Gate of Artemis


Villeret , 8, 2003
So, I’m treating you like adults tonight, because I go straight to the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is: How do we stay in Sahaj. You see, Sahaj has to become your own thing. Sahaj has to be something that, at some point, you want to be –– because you are important. If you don’t make this choice, and you hang around because of family pressure, social things, … to have fun with the yuva… It’s not enough!

What will happen? At some point, it will not mean anything to you. Because the only meaning of Sahaj, is not even to have fun among yourselves, which is nice. But you can have that, you know, in rave parties … or with the intellect; you can even jump higher, no problem. The prize of Sahaj, the taste of Sahaj is a state inside. And that state inside is something that is enjoyable. That’s the bottom line. We are not in Sahaj to please anybody, but we are in Sahaj because we understand it’s good for us.
Now, I’m talking to the 0.0001 percent but it may be a little bit more, because I’m an old monkey in this game and in my photo albums where I am with Sahaja yogis since 1975, it’s like a squadron of spitfire pilot fighters. You see them all sitting and smiling, and then you can take your black pen and one black cross, one black cross, one black cross, … Because they are no more here, and at some point, they were jumping and dancing and saying “Jay Shri Mataji”, and they thought they were there. I don’t want to scare you but… OK. I just want to say that we treat you as responsible, mature kids, adults, whatever you want to be. So, there is one condition, there is just one condition to be in Sahaj, one condition, Ok. Which one?
– Meditation?
– Chastity?
– Loving mother?
– I hate to say no but I’ll say no.
– To become the Spirit?
– Sounds good but no.
Ok, sorry. There is one condition to be in Sahaj and it is that you should desire it. To start with, Ok? Because desire is the biggest power that one has. Sometimes we are screwed up, and we don’t know if we are going to make it. And we have problems, and we make mistakes. And then it’s like horse riding. You don’t learn how to ride a horse by being always on the back of your horse, which, in this case, would be being always in thoughtless awareness. You learn how to ride by falling. Now, a long time back, Shri Mataji made me leader of the United States. And at that time She said: “I am choosing you for this job because you are the one who knows hell best.” Nice qualification! So those of you who would like to go on the other side of the fence and see how cool it is to do all the naughty things that one shouldn’t be doing because one is a good Sahaji, you know, we have been there before you. And if we are in Sahaj it is because we have walked on all the paths on the left side and on all the length on the right side, and we found out that is not a comfortable place to be. But of course, you can walk down these paths if you so wish, and that’s the drama of mankind. One ignores the experiences of others. One wants one’s own experiences! You can do that, but if you want to listen, we can tell you. And you can also get mileage free, like when you fly a lot. It’s like free mileage on One World or on Star Alliance: you fly without paying for the ticket. As yogis, you can absorb the experiences of others and grow faster.