The Gate of Artemis


That’s Krita Yuga, the age of judgment, that’s the trial station where some are going this way and some are going that way. So you have all the tests on the table. You have some people who are stunningly rich, like never before, I mean Pharaoh was nothing compared to the money that some people now have and what they can do with that money. And you have also the possibility to go any direction you want, in reality. Why? Because you are free. In that freedom, you choose your path. And this is why, to go back to the question, between determinism and free will, is it all done for us and basically there is nothing we can do, or do we have a chance? Do we have a choice?
The answer is yes, we do have a choice. We do have a choice. Because, fate is what happens to you. But destiny is what you do with what happens to you. So if you want to save your destiny, then it means that you are raising your freedom. So you have a choice. Your choice, in this case, is to be in Sahaj, or… not. To be or not to be, bracket, in Sahaj. That’s your choice. Most of you have taken the choice to be in Sahaj, which means that you have taken the choice of growing. Because it’s like bicycling. You cannot be in Sahaj and be static. If you do bicycling, it’s easier to keep moving, because then you keep your balance. To stay on a bicycle and not move, unless you work for a circus, it’s quite hard. Same in Sahaj.
So, see the other thing is that, if you can achieve this as young people it is very special because there is no use to become chaste and surrender our sex life when we are 85. To do that when you are 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 or whatever, that will be giving you Punya. That will give you blessings. Because it indicates that you value your Spiritual option more than going into addiction. Choice again…And if you are concerned about, you know, that maybe you should kiss this boy, otherwise, if I get married I won’t know how to do it. Please, – just think about it – how many times were you married before in your past lives? You know, it comes back very easily. It’s not difficult. You don’t need to go to a school, you know. You won’t need to. But if you can maintain your chastity, you are going to be trendsetters. So put your ego on the side of Sahaja Yoga. Become a trendsetter. Because if you have the courage of being chaste, then they will say, what’s going on with you? – Well, that’s the way I am. And I enjoy it.
And you know, people do notice. Even if they don’t follow,they do notice. And eventually, eventually the trend will come back. Because there are many people out there who are not yogis and realize that this lifestyle of superficial relationship is hurting and destructive.
Do you have any other questions on that one?
So remember please, you are not going to stay in Sahaja Yoga just to please mummy and daddy. And again, if you want to leave Sahaj, please do. You are free. You are free to walk out of Sahaj. Nobody will keep you. Even if your mummy and daddy will be devastated, that doesn’t matter. It’s irrelevant; it’s your life. But! Don’t expect me to tell you it’s a good idea, because it’s not. You will lose the chance that the incarnation of Shri Mataji gives to us now, to short circuit lives and lives and lives of evolution. Because with Mother being here, and Mother being who She is, if you can handle the sincere effort to live and grow in Sahaj, you know, you are really going to invest in a very, very high return investment. And you are really going to benefit, and you are going to do the best for you. That is the simple truth.
So, if you messed up, you have Left Vishuddhi, yes, it’s normal because you did something you should not have done, get back on your horse, and try again. Don’t get yourself beaten. And eventually you can do it. Many have done it. Many have done it. It’s quite possible to get out of that addiction. But don’t do what the Tantrik did, you know, to go into adharma and say this is Sahaj because you want to accommodate your weakness. It will not work. Because it’s not us who make the rules! We do not write the rules. The rules are already done – boom boom boom boom boom. They are made by our Maker. So there are rules: this is the necessity. But we can choose to learn them in order to win at the play of life: this is free will.
Any questions on anything? Adults should come back now…
(Radha says something about Krishna Puja in Canajoharie.)