The Gate of Artemis


(. Dear friend let me open a parenthesis here. Artemis is the Goddess of hunting and, beyond the Gate of Artemis, we are hunting for meanings. The following is an explanation of the second principle. This text can be read from your PC, and, in the best of case, somehow understood. How far it can ignite some recognition in you depends on your readiness. But the process described below cannot be practiced without initiation. Moreover, I gladly confess, it is quite futile to put all this in jargon, but the time is short and you need to know)

BATTLE STATION Danube Ashram, Astra 1985

The full arrangement of the inner defense mechanism is falling into place. Intruders, (Unidentified flying persons, unidentified murmuring thoughts, debilitating emotions etc…), are scanned on the radar field of a cleared attention as coming from the six citadels of negativity, the six legions of evil, the six enemies of the Self, Spirit, Atma. (The enemies, already identified in the Vedas and in the medieval scholastic, are: lust, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy, and vanity). The trajectory of the attack is easily anticipated as each of the six battalions of the enemy are aiming at one of the six corresponding chakras below the sahasrara. (in the ascending order from moladhara to agnya)

The yogi’s battle station is defined and shielded by his witness power. Thus knowing the origin of the attack, knowing its destination, the yogi, comfortably settled in his awareness command post, can identify, intercept and finally destroy the intruder. It can take place in the split of a second. How?

For each of the attacks the yogi has integrated in the matrix of his awareness defense mechanism six corresponding fields of surrender. These surrender fields are, of course, related to the chakra’s respective deities and principles. They are pre positioned in the awareness and always ready to be activated and fed by heart power. As soon as intruders are attacking, the yogi’s awareness activates the corresponding surrender field and the intruder is blasted. The “surrender blast” usually creates clarity and lightness in the head and joy in the heart. Furthermore, this is a win win situation because the integrated state, which follows a surrender blast, is pure freedom .How?

The ability to develop this network of surrender fields is a consequence of antar (inner) yoga. We have to go back to the nature of the energy, which supplies the surrender fields because their density and effectiveness depends directly upon the depth of introspection. For instance, I realize how vanity is attacking the agnya chakra and how it has to be surrendered to the principle of sakshat lord Jesus Christ who controls this plexus.

The energy that feeds surrender is the pure desire of the kundalini to join and become the Spirit. On the other hand, or rather, in the same movement, the natural tendency of the Spirit is really to merge into the divine of which it is a spark. SURRENDER IS THE MAGNETIC ATTRACTION THAT THE DIVINE “WHOLE” EXERTS ON ITS ATMA “PART” IN ORDER TO INTEGRATE IT. The movement of surrender to the divine, which is an expression of Atma consciousness, is felt in the individual consciousness through kundalini’s Atma contact. To surrender is to give up everything, which stands in the movement of Atma towards Paramatma. Giving up everything one feels emptiness (Zen). Emptiness is pure freedom and this is the glorious state, which is entered into when the surrender blast is effective.

It is only through a first experience of this freedom after Realization that the battle station is armed and ready. The various surrender fields can gradually reach the required level of density to be pre positioned in the awareness. Then, they are always available for activation. Negativity attacks work as an automatic trigger of the defense shield. The fields carry God’s protection around us. Surrender fields meet each attack of negativity with the powerful shield of a meditation state. Surrender blasts burn negativity with the Atma’s desire to merge with God. This is because surrender is the magnetism of the Divine which calls for the Divine to manifest in man. Ounce that the trigger mechanisms of the surrender field are settled in the awareness, Evil and its six legions has no chances.