The Gate of Artemis


It is a common fallacy of our mind to yearn for something we do not have (the grass seems always greener on the other side of the fence) and so we are not able to enjoy what we have. For such a mind, attention is always diverted away from enjoyment. The fuel can be envy, greed, jealousy or just TV watching and advertisement. The trigger can be, quite stupidly, the nicer car in the neighbor’s garage…

Then, the present is just an elusive digester, eternally churning the future into the past, unable to enter the present. Alienus! The modern man is an alien to the present. Alienation is to be foreign to the here and now, to walk in the shoes of our mental and emotional constructs, never feeling the delight of the present with our bare skin. And yet the present is the only point from where one can enter reality. And reality is the only dimension of consciousness where true enjoyment is possible. Entering into what is, this is true sahaja yoga.

The realization that WHAT IS, IS OK (“Whatever is, is necessary.” said Hegel) is the fruit of meditation and opens in a dynamic manner the potential lying in the present. This internal journey is opposite to the external flight into virtual reality, sponsored by technology, and so eagerly pursued by the modern marketing of chimeras because the economy strives on the demands for projections, illusions, appearances and dreams. From the acceptance of the present comes gratitude, an effective heart opener and antidote to ego. The mantra is : ACCEPT!