The Gate of Artemis


“Orare” in Latin means: to pray. “Ad>orare” means: to pray towards. “Adorare”, in English to adore, means thus to pray towards somebody specific with full devotion and commitment. Adoration is thus a magnified prayer, rendered more effective because of the intensity of heart power invested into the prayer. Prayer is a communication; somebody sends the communication, somebody is supposed to receive it. It is the intensity of the prayer that secure the connection. After realization, we become much more effectively “wired” and, the connection being strengthened, the chances of been heard are magnified. The question is: to whom to send the message?

There are many options for a bhakta (devotee), at least as many as there are deities controlling the chakras. But we should revert here, with a new understanding, to the ancestral wisdom of the people of the earth. From Ancient time down to the most recent religions, mankind prayed to the Mother. She is present in Islam (Fatima) and in Christianity (the virgin Mary) where popular devotion crated a cult much more widespread and deeper that would have warranted the official theology. In a Jungian sense, this is because the archetype of the Mother, protecting, nurturing, nourishing, represents also the transformational power of spirituality, vested in each of us, that is, vested in the Kundalini. It is indeed a mother who gives the first birth from a human womb and it is again a mother which gives the second birth from the limbic area of the brain (baptism) .Praying to the Mother means praying for our transformation. Praying awakens the kundalini. Adoring opens the sahasrara. Hence the Adoration of the Mother is important.

The story of religions, molded in statues of praying saints and monks from Thailand to Germany, shows that prayer is the most widespread religious practice. But is it effective? Prayers that are egoistic ie “give me a new job, cure my arthritis” do not carry very far. While prayer can be fairly mechanical, adoration cannot take place without a selfless movement of the heart and this is what makes it so effective. So, for all of us, beginners, in the art of connecting, the prayer should be: “please teach me how to adore.”