The Gate of Artemis


To match the rising tide of global threats, the failure of states, market economics and of eco systems, our rulers produce a rising tide of speeches, programmes, studies, strategies, summits and conferences, sprinkled with the foam of Result Based Management methodologies and related jargon. They are so busy planning the road they cannot any longer see the landscape.
A tide against a tide. Which one shall prevail?
Posturing, spin control, massage, messages.
“We are One World”. A good way to kill a truth is to go on repeating it.
We talked a lot, so we needed to back it up by commitments.
We took great commitments, so we needed action to implement.
We took action to agree on the course of action, so we convened large conferences.
We convened large conferences, so we talked a lot.
We talked a lot…
Do you get it?
Greetings and welcome to the world of global governance. It’s not their fault. They are paid for it.
We know what to do. We know how to do it. But we don’t do it. Talking about how to do it is already plenty of work. Excellencies, distinguished delegates, laborious sherpas, go home in peace, you have well earned your salaries. You have deserved the respect of the good folk lined up to see the caravan of your mostly black limousines.