The Gate of Artemis


We have so much to learn. First and foremost we must learn to connect. None shall control the strange force that comes from the heavens upon the earth. None shall whisper in the ear of the white horse but the Paramchaitanya.


I shall go within myself and trust my connection with the truth. I shall access the mighty sea of truth through a single instrument of heart/consciousness enlightened by sincerity and discrimination. I shall not accept lower standards of knowledge for the sake of expediency or opportunistic comfort in the city of man


I shall witness myself, search my motives and pulsing desires and constantly watch if I move on the path of righteousness, seeking the greatest good for the greatest number, for those present and those to come after us, because my action must serve benevolence. Ultimate benevolence is the purpose of dharma, because such is the compassion of the Master in whose steps I pray to walk.


In the glorious company of my sisters and brothers, I shall genuinely serve and cherish the emergence of one understanding, one purpose, one will to carry the One great Will of that primordial desire turned into action. I shall realize that collective power is given to us as source of energy, refuge and protection. My individuality shall bow to it but it shall not be deluded by attempts from various sides to control this sangha.