The Gate of Artemis


10 proposals for remembrance, 20 July 2009
1. We modern people, think obviously that we are smarter and know much more than our ancestors. This assumption may be true for a specific type of mechanistic. technical knowledge. It shall turn to be false for a specific type of organic, psychological knowledge.
2. We have learnt how to do and how to own; we have forgotten how to be.
3. This intuitive knowledge that was embedded in some earlier civilizations was transmitted orally only, through the communication of living states of experience. This is why it got lost when the times brought decay and it became necessary to mummify the figments of left knowledge in a wrapping of words.
4. Carl Gustav Young discovered that some of the codes were embedded in ancient mythologies. He coined a word for the foremost messages, the milestone meanings; he called them archetypes.
5. These archetypes help us to understand ourselves and the universe. Hindu mythology has much to offer in this respect but here is the presentation of one basic trilogy: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.
6. Lord Shiva is God as a state; lord Vishnu is God as process; lord Brahma is God as action. Shiva exists, Vishnu manages, Brahma creates.
7. The three aspects ( Trimurti) are a continuum: the state is bliss; the process to access bliss is consciousness; consciousness evolves through action.
8. These aspects are not activated in man unless and until the powers, feminine side of the deities (shaktis) combine their three energies (trigunatmika) in a transcending surge of energy ( kundalini) that grants realization (sammadhi) through a transformational happening in the limbic area of the brain (sahasrara).
9. As revealed by HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the Master of the Third Millenium, the entire happening within human beings rests on a pyscho somatic substratum (yantra) in the physical body. She also reveals in sahaja yoga the technique (tantra) for inviting this awakening. She thereby returns us to the state of pre-bookish comprehension, when knowledge is transferred through experience and not through words.
10. When the Trimurti continuum reaches full integration in the limbic area of the brain, each deity rewards with a specific gratification: atmananda is the joy of the divine Self in perfect contentment; leelananda is the joy of witnessing the play in prefect freedom; kriyananda is the joy of the doer in perfect fulfillment. Like the interpenetrating colors of a subtle rainbow, these joys flow, melt and transfer into each others.