The Gate of Artemis


Some analysts say that the EURO shall drop Greece after the French elections, sometimes into the summer. Perhaps but, at a more fundamental level, there is no Europe without Greece. Greek philosophy, Roman law and Christianity are the three pillars of Western civilization. The spirit of enquiry, the honesty and rigor of the quest, the entire movement of the Western spirit of discovery springs from Socrates.
If a country of such splendor, with such a lofty heritage, is now going to tumble into misery because of the mischief of the raw capitalists, because power fell into wrong hands, surely the denizens of Mount Olympus and other places shall again remind mortals that there is something like retribution.
What is happening in Greece is very sad. Worst, it concerns us all. Where is Greece going? It is not only a question for the accursed and crooked accountants that have become the instruments of this downward spiral of over spending and indebtedness.
Greece is the island within the Manipur and Delphi is the Omphalos Gaies, the navel of the world, a strategic place on the spiritual map of this planet. Are we just now going to watch destruction of wealth on a continental scale starting from the possible default of Greece and the financial agony of an entire country? Or the destruction of the seeds that Athena returned had planted there with so much hope? Greeks are ancient people; can they connect back to Her? Foreigners cannot bring them back their own greatness.
Agamemnon was a bully, Achilles was heroic but too impetuous. The one who got it right and could return in the end to his faithful wife was the king of Ithaca. Ulysses was careful, penetrating and resilient and he won back the favors of the gods, a skill we seem to have lost. Perhaps the writings of Homer are also immortal because these psychological portraits are still valid today.