The Gate of Artemis


In the sixth chapter of his treatise, lord Jnaneshwara, a giant of Hindu spirituality, describes the energy of the Kundalini, Sakshat the residual energy of the Holy Spirit. At the higher level She is felt in a gaseous state and thanks to the unique discovery of Shri Mataji this manifests the vibrations. The Christian Pentecostal tradition speaks of the wind of the Holy Spirit.
When the Kundalini crosses the Agnya chakra, it can suck down the ego . This is the way to get rid of the ego, says Our Master, and the point is not to be ignored. Innovators amongst us who wish to build a vibration methodology to protect oneself from ego risk indeed to pass the ego on the methodology and its use. Ego is a sticky stuff.
Vibrations are the expression of the Paramchaitanya and by their very nature all pervading. Therefore they permeate the mind (the buddhi and the manas) as expressed notably in wisdom, benevolence and common sense (to which Mother referred a lot.) Intuitively we felt for so many years that this was working. It expressed in a harmonic state of well being, benevolence, joy, love and coolness. Decisions are taken through the convergence of minds; consensus is easy and does not depend on procedures.
If a yogi /gini is positioned in the center, he/she is connected with the all pervading power and his/her mere awareness on a particular situation can be a reflex action manifestation of the Paramchaitanya’s vibrations. There is a spontaneous going with the flow, a feeling of common purpose and love and the recognition of this sacred guidance is registered in a state of being that includes thoughtless awareness and the flow in the hands.
There has been a reference to checking vibrations in various processes and different collectivities have tested different approach although none of these approaches should be imposed on others. Shri Mataji told various people, including myself, that vibrations can be felt in different ways, including within the chakras.
Insistence on inventing a specific ritual or approach expresses zeal rather than spiritual aptitude. The pretense to tame the power which created the world by playing with procedures is not conducive to establishing the inward connection.
If there is division amongst yogis or if a vibration checking process is initiated by a leadership with an agenda to the exclusion of the encompassing dimension mentioned above, the history of sahaja yoga has shown that turning to a specific methodology is not enough to secure the response of the Paramchaitanya.
Checking vibrations does not work as a compensation for the inability to be in the center, the inability to include the views of others or interact sensibly with members of the group, maintaining the harmonizing and peace keeping dynamic flowing from the chakras that would be the guarantee for a beautiful outcome. The maryadas of the vibrations process cannot be used to mainly overcome distrust in the group or achieve a specific goal in the manner that procedures ensure safety in worldly matters.
Heart, hamsa and common sense very much belong to the tool kit when soliciting higher guidance. The Holy Spirit, in our experience, does not respond to the push of a button or the home of an envelope with the automatism of a GPS. For instance:
Different groups with the same intent on following Shri Mataji’s will asked the same questions and obtained different results from vibrations.
There were people including leaders checking vibrations all the time in their hands and they ended out of sahaja yoga.
At times, when responses are not clearly cool or hot, people interpret the vibrations according to their inclination.
We must honestly and humbly admit that the problem is not with the vibrations but with the user and his intent. Dogmatism is the sickness, common sense is the cure.