The Gate of Artemis

Sakshi Season’s Wishes for 2012

We stand at the eve of a year that shall not only be new but could also be different.
We stand one year ahead of the 21 december 2012, the end of the by now famed Maya Calendar, when the sun shall rise in the mouth of the Orouboros in the Milky Way. This is a symbol for destruction and resurrection, a bit like the phenix. Will it show up?
For us, people of the West, people of our generation engaged in a spiritual path, the hurdles have been predictible.
The first periode starting in the seventies unfolded against all odds: it consisted of assserting a spiritual identity against the skepsis, indifference or outright hostilty of the world, avoiding the sirenes of cosmopolitan false prophets and trying to keep true to the living genuineness of what we wanted to share: the subtle and gentle inner reality of our higher Self and its glorious potential.
This was a periode of committing, Sturm und Drang mixed with silence and serenity, humour, joyful team work and shared love.
At the end of this periode we also discovered in our ranks adharma, hypocrisy, diffamation and struggles but when was it easy? With Shri Ram or Shri Krishna? With the Prophet Mohammed? With Zarathustra or the Buddha? Or would we have done better than the apostles of Christ in the Garden of Ghetesmani? We actually had a great ride.
The difficulties we faced did not matter that much. What is, that is necessary. The ships cannot only sail on cruise control. They must be tested in rough waters.
But now, let us test a new vision for the new periode. What if (hypothesis 😉 ) our spiritual journey would now come across the greatest of all the tests: experiencing success?
if the mere fact of meeting amongst ourselves propels us without any doubts into the higher consciousness…
if we are increasingly met by understanding and gratitude…
if the love that created this world starts to flow through our heads and our hands….
and if the people can feel this…
if we are really starting to manifest the tremendous powers that have been nurtured in all of us?
If we are cajoled by the world with all its pomps: recognition, fame, results …
Shall we accept the applauses and hide the source from where it all comes?
Shall we pretend to be the great inventors and innovators?
Shall we give back to Cesar what belongs to Cesar, to the Great Ones what belongs to the Great Ones and to the Holy Spirit what belongs to the Holy Spirit?
Shall we be the proud children of such an incredible, of such a credible Mother?
The 2012 Season’s Wishes is that, yes, we shall.