Shri Mataji covers her head with a scarf, when it is windy or cold. When thus dressed, She looks extremely motherly and sweet. In an adorable manner, She also looks genuinely human. Her true nature is hidden behind the look of an elderly lady, and the Sahaja Yogis marvel at the beauty of –

Mothers Maya

The Para Brahma in physical form
Camouflaged behind body and mind.
Adi Shakti into the world was born
Resembling a woman to the dreaming and blind.
The veil of illusion is covering Her face
To hide, what can not be seen.
Human perception can never trace
The true nature of the Heavenly Queen.
In the world of senses, future and past
The Goddess moves in disguise.
The bandhan of Her Maya can not be trespassed
She remains concealed to the ignorant eyes.
Only the ones, who were touched by Her Grace,
Baptized by the Holy Ghost,
Can feel Her true nature in the sacred space
Where She resides as a merciful host.
Yet, in the moment they leave Her shrine,
And return to the relative world,
The mist of deception draws an invisible line
Between truth and projection of thought.
The scarf of illusion is of beautiful design
Six colours, embroidered with silver and gold.
Four precious materials intertwined
It covers Mother, when it’s windy and cold

Shri Mataji, I don’t know what to pray for
That you lift your Maya and reveal the light,
Or remain the Mother, I will always adore,
And let the illusion be my constant delight.