The shawl is one of the items, which are always accompanying Shri Mataji. Mostly red, with delicate embroidery, it covers Mother always in a particular manner. Sometimes loose, sometimes tight, sometimes covering the left arm, sometimes the right, or even both, it shows the momentary mood, the divine aspect, or the powers at work. It belongs to Shri Mataji, like a part of Her image, and represents to Her children –

Mothers Protection

The shawl of Mother covers the entire creation.
It is spread to protect evolution of life.
It is woven of love and firm dedication,
To make sure that the image of God will survive.
As the shell is protecting the shining pearl,
And the nut gives shelter to the delicate seed.
Mothers robe of Grace embraces the world
To preserve the precious and defend the weak.
As the Mother protects her household,
And the King feels obliged for His state,
The Goddess’ shawl will open and unfold
Over those who’re in need of protection and aid.
But for those who love Her, She especially cares,
Those who seek refuge at Her Lotus feet.
For the ones, who will utter Her name in despair
She will always fight evil, and will never retreat.
Mothers protection is a commitment of love
It’s a pledge She takes for the born again soul.
As long as you dwell in the kingdom above
Her caring attention will guard and console.
To those, who surrender, Mothers love is protection
Loyal, unfailing, for the benefit of all.
This is the promise of Her caring affection
To be saved and kept warm under Her Motherly shawl.

Shri Mataji, please let me carry Your shawl
Let me bring it wherever You go
For I know-
Faith and surrender in my heart to install
That is the blessing the shawl will bestow.