There is always fragrance around Shri Mataji. The atmosphere is charged with a range of wonderful smells, which alone can put you into a state of elated joy. Besides of the various oils, parfumes, creames and balms, there is also a fragrance around her, which flows especially at public programs, or other functions, where Shri Mataji gives self-realisation. This smell is of rose and it is of exquisite, sublime, yes, divine nature. Only Sahaja Yogis can smell it, or sometimes people who just got their realisation. This is the fragrance of

Mothers love

Your love was absorbed in a timeless dream
When power and spirit were in union supreme.
For the sake of expression it started to flow
The world was created and life was to grow.
Your love was implanted in every cell
As a blessing of Mother on earth to dwell.
Thus nature was built with this secret divine
And every life made of equal design.
When the journey of man was about to begin
It was Your love, that he was seeking to win.
Again and again your love came on earth
To guide and prepare him for his second birth.
Today You are here and Your love will expand
to those who have searched and now understand.
The promise of Easter fulfilled by Your love
A new man, connected to His parents above.
A bondage of love, a global clan
That is Your mission, that is your plan.
Your love is the mercy from a timeless dream,
Which has come to include us in the union supreme.

The taste of Your love is holy and sweet.
Whom so ever it touches, he falls at your feet.
Never again will he be as before,
Your beauty and kindness he‘ll forever adore.
A treasure of memory he will carry within
-When you called his name or smiled at him-
With aging of time it may fade away,
Or even get lost in the mist of dismay.
But it always awakens, strengthens and grows
With the passing fragrance of a blossoming rose

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