Shri Matajis glasses, so it sometimes seems, have an almost opposite effect and meaning than glasses normally have for ordinary people. The way She is using them at certain moments and then taking them off at others, the way Her facial expression changes then, and the way Her “looking” seems different to the eye of the observer, all this together creates the impression, that Shri Mataji is using the glasses to rather diminish Her vision , to reduce it to the level of the mortal world, while, when She is without glasses, Her eyes are filled with this lustre and Her glance often wanders away to the world of the invisible and divine.

Mothers Vision

What does the sun see,
when He bathes the world in His golden light,
And what the moon,
When She illuminates the longing night?
What vision has the evening star,
comforting the restless soul,
What vision has the candle flame,
being set on fire to console ?
What vision has the queen of flowers,
When it opens up at dawn?
Releasing all her fragrant powers,
To make the child in Man re-born.
What vision has the magic fountain,
Welling up from deep below?
Bestowing live and living waters,
In her lavish, endless flow.
What do they see, the eyes of Mother,
Gazing gently at her child?
Do they see, or do they rather,
Shower love sublime and mild?
What do they see, the eyes of God,
Oceans of spirit, time and space
Are they for vision, view or thought,
Or for salvation of my race?

What do You see, Shri Mataji
When through Your glasses, You look at me?
I’ll never know, but pray to Thee
That always You will look at me.