The Devis Birthday

The Devis Birthday

Already in the morning the sun had risen with full glory and vigour.
The sky was bathed in golden light and was glowing with a radiance never seen before.
A mild cool breeze, sweet like the odem of a loving God, played gently with the leaves of the trees, while it seemed to carry a mysterious sublime smell of rose, which filled the atmosphere of Chindwara, the little village in Maharastra.
What was normally a noisy morning, with people starting their day to day life, was strangely different today. A tremendous silence was embracing time, and everybody felt so awe-inspired, and yet so euphoric, as if they had a premonition of something exceptional to happen.
Only a few were aware that in the house of the Salve family Mother Cornelia was lying in labour pains, and that husband, children and relatives were anxiously waiting for the moment to come.

And the moment came.

At mid day, when the chariot of Lord Surya had stopped right over the village,
SHE took HER birth into this most fortunate family amongst men.
For a short moment it became totally dark and rays of light fell on the Salve house only.
The gentle breeze swell to a mighty wind, and for a moment the fragrance of rose became so strong, that everybody later-on remembered the strange, yet evident sensation.
No sound was heard from the new born baby,
and HER body was pure and clean, without any traces of birth.
HER dark beautiful eyes were immediately wide open, and were filled with ageless love and compassion. A sparkling light sprang from them, and seemed to connect with everyone around.
Mother and Father looked at each other, and tears of love welled up in their eyes, as they both felt mysteriously touched and moved.
”NIRMALA”, she whispered, and he nodded in understanding and consent.
The siblings of the new-born member of the family ran out of the house and through the village.
“A girl, a girl”, they shouted. “Her name is Nirmala, Nirmala”. Other children followed and joined in the chorus. Dogs jumped at them playfully and barked, while they ran with the group.
The news was quickly spread, and the atmosphere, electric with expectation,
was instantly transformed into joyous chatting and laughter.
The day went on with spontaneous festivities. Neighbours were generously hosted by the proud father and His relatives. A music band was ordered and played popular tunes, while everyone enjoyed the lavish flow of food and drink. In the evening the whole village gathered before the house of the Salves and joined in the singing and dancing.
More and more people came, many of them seemed crowned by a halo of dim light, which increased with their exuberant dancing and singing. Was it, that the Devas themselves, had come to join the party and participate in the celebration of the new born child?
The atmosphere was charged with unbelievable energy, when everybody got together into a dance, which was led by a beautiful young man playing the flute, and a radiant girl, who gave the rhythm with a pair of golden sticks. All of a sudden an elephant headed boy jumped forward into the circle that had formed, and danced in ecstatic joy. Nobody wondered. Everyone was strangely transformed by the magic of the night, and totally dissolved into this collective body of blissful exaltation.
The fabulous feast went on, while the new born Nirmala rested with HER Mother,
who could not stop gazing at her baby. Nirmala’s face was so calm and bright. A content smile played on HER sweet lips, when SHE finally fell asleep for HER first night on earth.

After a while, when everyone had gone to bed, and Chindwara had sunk into peaceful darkness,
a glowing light fell through the window, and shone on Mother and child.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, three majestic young men approached the bed, prostrated before the sleeping baby, blessed the Mother, and disappeared again.

What a day it was, for the dwellers of Heaven and Earth alike,
when our Mother, the Devi, took HER birth.
What a day!

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