Shri Mataji never leaves the house without applying the bindi on Her forehead. The bindi is the sign of a married woman, and adorns the Agnya chakra.It has many symbolic meanings and it’s origin comes from the times of yore.It is also a sign of Adi Shakti, being applied at every puja, and thus belongs to the incarnation of our Divine Mother.

Mothers Bindi

A sunset at the skyline of existence
Red, full, and of magnetic force.
A ruby moon from mystic distance
The base of creation, absolute source.

The sacred heart at the crossroad to heaven,
Sacrificed on the altar of eternal life.
A drop of His blood to command the eleven,
Vow of Shri Parvati, the primordial wife.

Fire of penance and self realization,
Third eye of Shiva, all-knowing aware,
Burning bush of divine revelation,
Crown of Lord Jesus, the appointed heir.

Light of truth in the age of confusion,
Star of Bethlehem in the world of today,
Island of refuge in the sea of illusion,
Rose of salvation on the seekers way.

Glow of auspiciousness in the darkest night,
Wish fulfilling gem of liberation,
Power of Shakti, bestowing the light,
The will of God, His own concentration.

Object of worship and thoughtless attention,
A spiritual sun to those who feel.
Radiating with light of love and redemption
It adorns Your forehead like the Masters seal.

We bow to Your bindi, a Goddess on her own,
We ask for Her help and support.
To guide us above to the kingdom unknown
And provide with a place in His court.