61. He followed and saw the cows who rushed to lick the arms of the lady that was leading the procession.

62. He followed and heard men of science preach about the coming of the Spirit.

63. Children from far away lands had gathered and celebrated the tales of exploit of the ancient Gods.

64. He observed as she blessed the devotees by vibrating the back of the temple of their worship.

65. And how she arranged the marriages of her many daughters as a loving mother.

66. For the gift of their love, he found out, was the cement that binds the walking wall of auspiciousness.

67. A mother she was, yet a master, who keep everything in the living web of her awareness.

68. He saw how she spent hours healing the sick, granting enlightenment to the village folks and how she gave the choicest blessings to the fisherwomen.

69. Somewhere at noon, in a shady woods, she paused on the route of the long caravan,

70. soon to go ahead and cure the stranded hippies that had been picked up one by one on the beaches of Kovalam.