71. As everything came to pass, she rested alone after a very long day of her holy work.

72. So Baereli found himself wondering how to proceed further and sought some advice from the bull, for, after all, he was the carrier of a high office.

73. He got answers to many questions but more light was yet to come. One day he was in the crowd, seeing the Teacher from behind, marveling at the black river of her hair.

74.  The sun came to caress a silky reflection of beauty,

75. and to rest in the calyx of the flower she was holding in her hands, a fleeting moment, timeless and precious,

76. then lo, Leeladhara, she looked straight into the eyes of the traveler from the mountains and all things stood revealed.

77. Gradually, the ancient knowledge of the tree of life was provided through plain words and convincing experience, as well as,

78. all the secrets of the big mountains built by men

79. and all of those of the small mountains built by Mother Earth.