51. The One who raises the Hand of Blessings is said to be the giver of the complete treasure but, the oracle went on, Baereli has to find Her first.”

52. Treasure hunting was an attractive proposition. Appearing from nowhere, a dog came to show the way and the faith of the animal told Baereli he should be courageous.

53. Onwards into the woods, into the woods of doubts and fears, with the lurking fear of missing the gate that must be crossed

54. he traveled until he finally reached the land of playful colors

55. where he met teachers full of joyful lore that would share the treasure of their knowledge with bravery and burning conviction,

56. He was comforted by aunties who displayed a treasure of placid mildness that could be found only in the scions of this ancient nation.

57. And he was guided by wise elders who had kept the blessed well of ever flowing love alive within themselves. He was proud to earn their friendship.

58. Thus, eventually, Baereli was led to a hidden village where he was admitted to a procession; the singing and dancing crowd was following a beautifully decorated ox cart. The lady who sat on it carried a red shawl for, he was told, red is Her color and the color of the heart.

59. Our hero was quite intrigued as this was sounding like the response to one of the questions of the yaksha; he crept closer to catch a glimpse of the High Lady in whose honor the villages were dancing.

60. But then she turned slightly and lo and behold, a blessed wind rose all around the cart because, it turned out, Hers was the laughter that made the wind blow. Baereli felt both elated and very curious. “This is mighty and weird,” he thought, “I must follow the people of this procession and see where all this will take me.”