40. On his way down the mountain, he was stopped by four children sitting on a rock who told him,

41. “Traveler from a strange land, we must be like a child who carries the light,

42. and implore the protection of the  Primordial Child.

43. We will then feel secure, enjoying the bliss of being nurtured and cuddled by the Mother.

44. Indeed when the children are comforted, the whole universe feels at peace;

45. Only safe in the mother’s love will children be able to sleep like a baby in a cradle.

46. You shall be at home behind that beautiful curtain of glass beads in the peaceful house of the mother;

47. Don’t you know? She always rejoices when the child plays in happiness.”

48. “Now,” said the children, “come with us, we will take you to the mouth of the oracle.” Baereli very much wanted to be reassured and he loved cuddles. So he followed the four children.

49. He heard the oracle speaking of the secret hand of benediction.

50. “Indeed, it is a hand that can see all and everyone; those who are sincere, no matter the mistakes they commit, should not be afraid to be seen.