30. Why did the knower hand down the code for the protocol of the sacred festival?

31. And why, anyway, is red such an important color?” On this last question Baereli started crying and begged,  ‘I do not know sir, please let me go.’

32. The yaksha kept silent and disappeared.  At once, our hero traveled in the air, whirling like a kite in a mighty sea of vibrations.

33. He landed on the shores of the great sea where he underwent the initiation rite of the water to purify mind body and soul.

34. He also performed the fire sacrifice to get rid of his deep fear of failing and to escape the yaksha, who had greatly scared him with all his bizarre questions.

35. In the city of masks he got a glimpse of the silhouette of the Being whose blissful presence he had felt in his dream and he run to catch up with it.

36. But, by some trick of a moving geography, no matter what he tried, the home palace of the silhouette always ended up being on the other shore of the water.

37. Baereli just got a glimpse, a hope, a shiver, and the brief vision of the disappearing silhouette was soon concealed by a curtain of glass beads dangling softly in a mild breeze, singing slowly ding-a-ling,  ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling …

38. So our traveler decided to implore the Lord of the highland whose statue he had worshipped to return to the spot where he had been abducted by the yaksha.

39. Thus, he again had to cross the Eastern mountain kingdom whose king and queen had been murdered, a horrible price to pay for bowing before a false prophet.