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She is the power behind all knowledge

Corresponding to the sixth level of initiation
Ajnachakrantaralastha She is inside the ajna-chakra where the devotee loses most of his sense of individuality
Ajna-chakrabja-nilaya Resides in the two-petalled Ajna chakra.
Phalastha She dwells in the forehead
Trilochana Three eyed
Vama-Nayana Having beautiful eyes
Jagarini The wakeful
Samsayaghni Destroys all doubts of the devotee
Satya-vrata Dedicated to truth
Satya-sandha The abode of truth
Vijnana-Kalana Knower and perceiver, state of Self knowledge
Vijnatri She is the power behind all knowledge
Jnanagamya To be reached by knowledge alone for it is of the nature of consciousness
Jnanada One who bestows knowledge
Jnana-Vigraha The embodiment of the extension of consciousness
Viviktastha To be found in the lonely place where the sage discriminate between the real and the unreal
Mahabuddhi The greatest intelligence
Manasvini The controller of mind or intelligence
Manomayi Of the nature of mind
Matih The mind
Madanashini She destroys the pride in the devotees
Mohanashini She destroys all illusions of the devotees
Tamopaha Remover of ignorance
Karya-karana-nirmukta Released from the causal law
Achintya rupa Form inaccessible to thought since mind, the instrument of thought, is Her creation
Muni-manasa-hamsika She dwells like the female swan in the minds of her devotees immersed in dhyana
Bhakta-manasa-Hamsika The female swan who loves to dwell in the lake of the devotees’ mind.
Sukshnma-rupini Subtle
Rahastarpanatarpita Delighted by the secret offer of the devotee through the surrender of his antaryagya (internal worship)
Antarmukha-samaradhya Can be worshipped only by those with inner vision or introspection
Yajna-priya Fond of the sacrificial offerings of the devotees such as tapas
Yajamana-swarupini Of the form of the one who takes the vow of sacrifice
Tapasaradhya Worshipped by those doing penance
Budharchita Worshipped by the wise and the knowers
Vimarsha-rupini Of the form of discrimination between the real and the unreal
Vidyavidya-swarupini Both knowledge and ignorance
Dhyana-Gamya To be attained by concentrated meditation
Dhyana-Dhyatr-Dhyeya-Rupa Of the form of meditation, meditator and meditated
Kalpana-rahita Devoid of thought formulation
Kamalaksha Nishevita Worshipped by Shri Maha Vishnu (Christ)
Prakatakrtih Of the form experienced by all as Aham or “I”
Tatillata-samaruchih She is dazzling like the lightning
Vajreshvari Master of the thunderbolt
Param-jyotih The ultimate light which illumines the sun, moon and Agni