The Book of the Days

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Residing in the thousand petalled lotus

Corresponding to the seventh level of initiation
Adishakti Primal power and first cause
Sadashiva-pativrata The ever devoted wife of Sadashiva
Sirahshtita She dwells inside the head
Majja-samstha Resides in the brain tissue
Chakraraja-niketana Dwells in the king of chakras
Maha-kailasha-nilaya Residing in the great kailash, the innermost bindu in the thousand petalled lotus
Sahasrarambujarudha She dwells as the witness in the sahasrara of the liberated souls
Sahasra-dala-padmastha Residing in the thousand petalled lotus
Maha-padmavati-samshta She dwells in the great lotus forest
Bhaindavasana She resides at the point that is the stalk of the lotus, the saharara padma in the head of the devotee
Anarghya-Kaivalya-Padadayini    Who confers to the devotees the invaluable state of liberation or “Moksha”
Muktida It is only Her grace that could confer liberation
Mukti rupini The form of liberation
Shobana-sulabha-gatih The easiest path to Self-realization
Sadgati-Prada She leads devotees to the highest status of Reality
Yogada One who gives Yoga or Union
Kastha The aim or goal
Vijnana-Ghana-Rupini Consciousness itself solidified
Chaitanya-rupa Of the form of the blissful flow of divine vibrations
Turya The fourth state
Manonmani Lifted up in the highest state of consciousness
Kevala The pure Brahman, absolute and undifferentiated
Sarvavastha-Vivarjita Beyond all states
Param-dhama The ultimate abode of undifferentiated consciousness, the state from which there is no return
Bhavabhava-vivarjita Beyond the existence of the universe of name and form and beyond non-existence
Karya-karanya-nirmukta Released from the causal law, beyond cause and effect
Anadinidhana Having neither birth nor death
Pujya Worshipful.  The most fit to be worshipped by all the Gods.
Lokatita She transcends all created universes and resides above sahasrara
Heyopadeyavarjita Having nothing to reject or accept, beyond dualism
Parat-para The Ultimate of the Ultimate.  The trimurtis are the ultimate.  She is beyond them
Para-Devata The ultimate Godhead to be meditated upon
Parameshwari The ultimate ruler
Sarvatita Transcending everything including the universe of name and form
Sakshi-varjita None to witness Her. The state of complete oneness, beyond turya state, without any duality
Maha Shaktih The great power of the Lord