The spy of Thanatophor

The spy of Thanatophor


However, the necromancers of the Dark Council patiently accumulated shreds of evidence from the rare survivors of Hangker’s lost armies and became even keener to somehow access or capture the hidden citadel. They were equipped with the power of far-sightedness and were rightly convinced that the hidden fortress held untold material and psychic treasures. Having taken many Avasthas citadels on the eastern shores of the great sea, they had uncovered secret Avasthic archives and obtained information through extortion and torture. Some of the Yuva spies who attempted to infiltrate the Dark Council, narrowly escaped capture but evil birds under the power of the darkness had watched the path they took as they fled. Thanatophor, having painstakingly poured over the secrets that were spoken by the tortured mouths of those they’d captured and the details that his spies and troops had brought him, realized that he had to get hold of the awesome reserve of Avasthic power which he correctly deduced was stored in Dagad Trikon. He wanted to obtain it at any cost because he knew that once he had control over it he would be irresistible and could finally establish global dominion over all.

Angker, at the bidding of his master, through terrible cross breeding and genetic manipulation, produced a huge pterodactyl that could carry a fiendish devil equipped with the dark power of pestilence. He created a beast capable of withstanding the defenses of the citadel and defying the powers of the warriors protecting it. He put even more terrifying efforts into the making of its rider. To do so, he entered a fierce tantric trance in which he brought forth some of his very own matter. He fashioned it with the blood of the Avasthas he had tortured but even this did not suffice. Thus Hangker fused with Belzebseth who gave some of himself to Hangker and the titan overlord then brought forth a force of evil of unprecedented darkness. The devil thus created irradiated heat and a foul stench that reeked of death. His very matter, it seemed, absorbed the sun’s rays so that wherever he went there was less light. On the month of a red moon, Thanatophor himself in the presence of Hangker, Belzebseth, and their chief lieutenants, urged the necromancer priests to release the huge bird and its dark rider.

The fiendish devil was equipped with a micro ophtalir, the seeing jewel, so that Belzebseth, the maker of the ophtalir, could see what the devil would see and thence spy on the mysterious Rock. They flew away in a pitch-dark night to avoid the piercing eyes of the eagles that had always been the friends of the Avasthas.

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