The Gate of Isthar

Sentinel of Dagad Trikon


For weeks, the scout of Thanatophor flew over the Hasara and, finally, one morning as the desert lit up in the rays of the early sun, it came close to its destination. The eagles nesting in the higher cliffs of Dagad Trikon saw the monster coming and raised the alarm. Sentinel archers springing into action, mounted the eagles and rushed to the defense of the holy Rock, but their arrows proved ineffective as they failed to pierce his scaly body. The wings of the pterodactyl were like blades and the mighty eagles could not approach the flying monster. Thus the Rock stood revealed to Belzebseth through the micro ophtalir.

As the pterodactyl circled before landing, Belzebseth had a breathtaking glimpse of the splendors of the Rock. The devil spy from the nether world lowered his altitude to provide a better sight of the Rock and the dark lord stared through the ophtalir at the three-and-a-half-coiled canyon, the cliff dwellings with their exquisite temples and fountains, the giant banyan trees and the tamed flying horses. He caught sight of the preparation for the musical festival in Shambalpur whose objective was to create the sound waves that cast a protective musical spell on the sand dunes surrounding Dagad Trikon. Indeed the protective spell was relatively short lived and the attack occurred some time after the last festival so the effectiveness of the Pujan protection was at it lowest ebb. The wretched creature could not possibly fathom what it was to feel the wonder and awe that was laid at the Gate of Blessedness by the Avastha ceremonies, as he had been conceived in a scheme of destruction, the perpetration of which being its only respite from torment and despair.

The Nizam and the Sand Keeper wizard had been warned of the approaching enemy by a disturbance in the subtle energies. Indeed, because these men were strongly connected to the Deep Way, they were registering such disturbance in their beings as a rise in body temperatures. The complete the narrative of the screen, Hanuman’s voice filled the air as he explained:

Every being emits a frequency of energy that moves on a spectrum ranging from positive to negative depending on their soul. Peoples who are captured by or aligned with the forces of evil tend to emit sheer heat, this heat indicating the presence of negative energy. Those who aspire to attaining a connection to the Deep Way, that is the path to selfhood, emit cooler vibrations. The Avasthas had this sensitivity because they were connected. Their vibrations were cool.” In his dream Jonathan felt he was at a loss to grasp. “Don’t worry, Jonathan you will come to understand all this in time” said Hanuman reassuringly. The screen began moving anew and Jonathan was transported once again into this tale that was somehow becoming part of him. It was like he was reliving this reality as it played before his eyes. Dagad Trikon was now on alert. Sentinels caught sight of the approaching flight of the massive bird of prey and his monstrous rider. In the canyons, war conches were blown, the Sheravalians mounted their felines, the Yuva platoons rushed forward and, from the Music Tower, the waves of Rasa music rolled through the air in furious whirlwinds of sound. The Sand Keeper flew from the highlands on a winged horse to confront the devil above the peaks of Dagad Trikon.